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Creating Clean Worship Spaces Ensuring sanctity with ride-on sweepers & scrubber driers

Religious spaces such as temples, churches, synagogue, and mosques, require cleanliness on highest priority especially due to the heavy footfall at a time. The high footfall can lead to significant amount of litter and debris, which is challenging to manage with manual cleaning alone. A clean and tidy environment is essential to uphold the sanctity and reverence of the place.

Cleaning machines ensure that the premises are kept in pristine condition, promoting a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd presents Ride-on Sweepers and Scrubber driers designed for worship spaces in varied sizes and applications as required — CRS 7012 and/or CRS 1814 sweepers and CRO 7056 and/or CRO 1185 scrubber driers.

CRO 1185: Charnock’s ride-on scrubber drier has been designed to replace walk behind scrubber driers, with three times more productivity and labour savings. (Hourly Performance: 5900 m2/hr). The intelligent water sensor system, ensures maximum protection for brushes and vacuum system. Its rear wheel drive, climbing capacity reaches to 20% while turning radius 0.8mt. With super silent working it makes the machine a smart and efficient choice.



  • High-quality vacuum seal in recovery tank: Vacuum gasket is made of elastic material, assuring the best vacuum sealing throughout the life of the machine
  • New SUPER SILENT Technology 60dBA, makes the machine suitable for daytime cleaning even in noise-sensitive applications
  • It is equipped with variable brush pressure which can reach up to 63kg
  • Excellent water flow into the tank. Dirty water is vacuumed directly from the squeegee, runs on a curve made on the hood
  • CFS (Centre Flow System): Centre spray solution outlet on the brush ensures the entire use of the brush and does not waste water and detergent

CRS 1814: The Ride-on Road Sweeping Machine is a versatile road cleaning machine and is ideally suited for cleaning of roads/parking lot and other large, paved areas, with an hourly performance: 8400 m2/hr. These road sweepers are equipped with latest technology features.


  • High performance, low maintenance cost, and remarkable sweeping effect, with an efficiency of 8400m2/hour
  • Vacuum cleaning system with a long filter element assists in picking up the dust efficiently
  • Master switch to control the forward and backward movement
  • A small turning radius of 1100mm makes the equipment flexible and easy to operate making it suitable for sweeping in narrow and confined areas which are not accessible by larger road cleaning machines
  • The wheeled hopper, with 180lt capacity makes it convenient to empty the hopper
  • The water sprinkler system on the side brushes ensures best in class cleaning
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