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Creating a shield against microbes 24X30

Today, at various facilities like hospitals and hotels, service providers are dealing with a 20-40% increase in spending on cleaning consumables, which majorly include sanitisers, disinfectants and hand washes. There is a need for cleaning products with lasting efficacy, proven protection, certified results and above all, safety.

Setting the equations in the right parameters and befitting the calculations of cleaning spends, Rossari Biotech Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of speciality chemicals, is launching an innovative, much-wanted, certified and affordable solution for clean surfaces. Introducing the much-sought, anti-microbial and long-standing solution for surface disinfection, Clean India Journal highlights the finer points and benefits of Dr. Nanoxa which promises to shield users and restore confidence.

Just because a surface is clean doesn’t mean it will remain clean. The fear of getting infected plays on everyone’s mind the moment we touch any surface, leading to frequent hand washing. The heavy dependence on repeated use of hand wash and sanitisers, surface disinfectants and air purifiers to maintain hygiene levels is irrationally driving up costs, consequently increasing daily consumables and utilities cost as well.

The two-pronged attack by sanitisers and disinfectants on microorganisms requires two more punches to be truly effective; facility users need to sanitize their hands every time they touch any surface, and the housekeeping staff is required to disinfect each surface repeatedly for better disinfection.

How practical is this?

Scientific research has documented the fact that bacteria and viruses can survive on surfaces for several hours to several days. Imagine someone touching a freshly disinfected surface; the microbes on that person’s hand are transferred to that surface, where they survive and are picked up by all the hands that subsequently touch the surface until it is disinfected again.

In a recent chat, facility managers spelled out their wish list —

  • Disinfectant that provides round-the-clock protection after a single application
  • Disinfectant that is ready-to-use and does not damage any surface
  • A Made-in-India solution that costs 30-35% less
  • And yes, a product that has been proven to inactivate bacteria and viruses

Single Application, 30 Days of Disinfection

Dr. Nanoxa is an antimicrobial surface coating infused with nanotechnology, which makes surfaces effectively ‘self-sanitised’ and provides biosecurity from bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) for up to 30 days after a single application. It is effective in preventing the growth of 99.9% bacteria and viruses. Dr. Nanoxa will be marketed by Buzil Rossari Private Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Rossari Biotech Ltd, which has a diverse portfolio of 3500+ products and holds a leading position as acrylic acid consumer. It is well known in the agrochem surfactants domain and as a textile chemicals producer.


Power of Nanotechnology

The active ingredients in Dr. Nanoxa are a cocktail of metal nanoparticles, encapsulated in an intelligent polymer chain to give tri-layer prolonged protection from harmful microbes for up to 30 days. These metal nanoparticles have long been recognized as antimicrobial agents. Combined with nanotechnology, they ensure prolonged protection.

Dr. Nanoxa inactivates a host of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and enveloped as well as non-enveloped viruses on contact.

Simple Application Process

The application of Dr. Nanoxa is simple and does not require any specialised training. In fact, it can be done even by a layperson.

Step 1:   Choose the surface to be coated and clean it of dirt.

Step 2:   Spray Dr. Nanoxa on the surface with the spray bottle

Step 3:   Wait for 30 seconds, then buff with a microfibre cloth if necessary.

Tried, Tested and Piloted

But why should you consider the product? Where is the proof that it works?

The features of Dr. Nanoxa could be dismissed as tall claims, if not for scores of pilot studies, test reports and failure studies that confirm its stated efficacy, as assessed by independent third parties. From the dirtiest of public toilets to the poshest five-star hotels, its 30-day disinfection has been validated at every type of facility: hospitals, restaurants, banks, gyms, housing societies, places of worship…even public buses.

Independent NABL-accredited labs in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai have tested swabs from a multitude of surfaces across a diverse range of facilities for the presence of microorganisms before and after application of Dr. Nanoxa, and its effect at 30 days or more after application. The results speak for themselves:

A swab test conducted on a public toilet coated with Dr. Nanoxa after 30 days of coating tested negative for the presence of UTI-causing bacteria like Escherichia coli and others like Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas.

An exit door at a busy cafeteria and washroom showed the tremendous presence of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus before application. These were found to be absent post-application of Dr. Nanoxa. Despite heavy traffic and multiple touches, it continued to self-sanitise the surface on which it was applied and bacteria were absent even 30 days later.

A cotton non-woven face mask treated with Dr. Nanoxa showed a 99.9% reduction of the virus even after 30 days of usage and 5 wash cycles.

Similarly, there was a high percentage reduction of the virus after 30 days of Dr. Nanoxa application at:

  • Premium 5-star property: Stainless steel hanger (99.21%), Cushion cover (99.98%)
  • Public washroom: Ceramic tile exposed to stains of paan and urine (99.57%)
  • Hospital: Sputum mug is an object used by patients to spit, and is replete with germs. Application of the product reduced Staphylococcus aureus (99.37%), Escherichia coli (99.94%) and viruses (99.72%). The sputum mug was effectively rendered non-infectious after a once-a-month application of Dr. Nanoxa.

Amrutraj Kulkarni, Vice-President, Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd

Roadmap for the future

“Initially, we will be launching with a 200ml spray bottle for the B2C segment and five-litre cans along with empty spray bottles for the B2B/institutional segment,” shared Amrutraj Kulkarni, Vice-President, Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd.

“We are also planning an annual subscription model for the consumer market in which a 200ml Dr. Nanoxa spray bottle, microfibre cloth and instructions for use will be delivered to the consumer’s doorstep once a month, with a price advantage for the whole year’s subscription.”


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