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Create a touchless washroom with multiple sensors

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CIJ 12/17-1274

Designed and manufactured in India

BPE Innovations Pvt Ltd’s Automatic Urinal Sensor Flusher, Automatic Sensor Tap, Hand Dryer, Soap Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer do not allow multiple ‘hand touching’ and have intelligent microcontroller built in that detects usage automatically, without touching, and performs the required function. It saves time, energy and avoids possible risk of contamination.


  • The Automatic Urinal Sensor/Sensor Flushers have no-touch sensors: Totally hands free and do not require human intercession.
  • Helps reestablish cleanliness after each use and prevents odour.
  • CIJ 12/17-1275

    Special auto urinals comply with Green Building Standards as they help in decreasing carbon impression.
  • Programmed Automatic Sensor Flusher and Automatic Sensor Faucets sense client nearness and discharge water just when important, adding to water preservation.
  • Made in India
  • Long life system
  • Easily repairable as per Indian standards
  • Available in AC/DC and AC-DC type
  • 24 hours voluntarY flush if no-use
  • IR rays sensor-based system

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