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Cost-effective fuel for kitchen from waste

Eco House

This is a unique set up to handle Biodegradable wastes centrally at convenient location.

Eco House constructed / prefabricated arrangement will have technology to process bio waste from 1kg (for individual residences) up to 3T capacity/day which includes unique waste volume reduction process. This special process enables the bio gas production faster, minimizes the plant size substantially & avoids clogging of the plant.

Eco House will manage all bio wastes collected from various locations located in the project. It is simple to operate & maintain. Only food wastes like vegetable, fruit peels, leftover food waste and plantain leaves are moved to eco house for processing.


Bio Wastes processed at source without creating any environmental impact thus making the segregation process very easy; Zero waste concept achieved in total; Transporting & Dumping eliminated; 100% fool proof system of waste handling; The plant if constructed underground enable usage of space effectively; Environment friendly since the process does not generate any polluting liquids or gas; 100% adaptable & simple to operate; Need no frequent maintenance; Biogas produced is used for cooking or power generation

Part details and function

Digester – It is the chamber in which anaerobic bacterial digestion takes place. The digester is designed in such a way that the waste is distributed uniformly and the chamber is leak proof.

Pre digester – It is the chamber in which pre digestion takes place before entering the main digester. This eases the digestion process for fibrous materials which take longer period to digest.

Udow – Uniformly distributed organic waste reactor. The food waste is distributed uniformly across the digester to increase the surface area of contact between food particles and bacteria,thus aiding better and quicker methanisation.

Slurry collection tank – This tank is used to collect the outlet digested slurry. This slurry, is a very rich organic manure and hence can be used in the fields/gardens.

Inoculum – This is the initial bacterial rich solution which is responsible for generation of biogas. Once added in the digester, these bacteria will multiply automatically when food waste is added.

Gas holder – This is the cylindrical tank in which biogas is stored. This tank is made of Fiber glass material and has the advantage of long life and corrosion resistance. This is fabricated with a center guide tube with special plus shaped metal structure to break the scum formed inside.

Gas piping – This is one of the most important part of our biogas plant and the piping is designed in such a way that the pressure loss is minimal and the output gas is delivered at the required pressure.

Gas pressure gauge and control valves – Pressure gauges help in determining the pressure of the output gas and control valves help in the regulation of gas flow.

Waste crusher – It is used to pulp the food/veg waste into a fine homogenous mixture so that the bacterial digestion of the food waste is easier and faster.

Biogas blower – It is used to send the biogas at very high velocity into the boilers/ burners in order to compensate for the lower calorific value of biogas.(4800-6900 kcal/m3)

Environmental foot print

More than anything else, the amount of greenhouse gases that is stopped from polluting the atmosphere is huge.

The amount of methane trapped and utilized per day from 100kg waste is 10 – 15kg/day.

CO2 saved (equivalent) = 230 – 275kg/day

CO2 saved over a year= 80 – 100 tons/year

Also, methane (CH4) is the simplest hydrocarbon fuel which produces the least amount of CO2 when it is burnt.

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