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Cost effective & eco-friendly urinal odour solution

Kolkata-based Asianol Biotech has launched Dry Earth eco-cube and Multi-surface Microbial cleaner, a waterless, odourless and chemical free solution for men’s urinal system. The products use environment compliant system, advanced microbial technology to reduce water, sewage and maintenance costs in washrooms.

Each Dry Earth eco-cube contains friendly microbes that digest the components found in urine, uric scale and lime scale. The microbes rapidly degrade the inorganic matter that malodour causing bacteria thrive on inside drains and urinals. The cube slowly dissolves by releasing microbes after every use of the urinal.

Dry Earth microbial multi-purpose cleaner, on the other hand, is a biological active formulation containing specialized bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaning agents. When used in conjunction with eco-cube it produces enzymes such as amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease for fast and effective degradation of organics.

The primary benefit of this technology is reduction of fresh water for flushing besides reduction in drainage and censor maintenance costs. “The eco-friendly products help conserve precious fresh water to the tune of as much as 150,000 litres per urinal annually, which can be effectively used for other purposes,” says M Ghoshal, Business Advisor.



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