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AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry offers high performance surfactant blends for water based, solvent free degreasing. Each specialty degreaser blend in Surface Chemistry has specifically been designed to meet different formulators’ cleaning performance criteria. They are all readily biodegradable and are optimized to give maximum surface cleaning performance.

By adding water and appropriate chelating agents, one gets a powerful and environment friendly degreaser.

Berol 226 with fabric & cleaning applications is a high-performance, eco-friendly solvent-free surfactant blend developed by AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry. It can replace solvents and NP ethoxylates with better cleaning performance. It can be used in all kinds of household cleaners, I&I cleaners, degreasers, metal cleaners, hard-surface cleaning like floor care, room care, kitchen care and various other applications in hospitality, healthcare and other segments.

Non-solvent Cleaning

With Berol 226 – optimized surfactant blend a user does not need to use solvent-based cleaners anymore to remove greasy soil. Now all that’s necessary is to spray on, and wash off. There are no harmful solvents. In fact, being a water-based cleaner it has a better total cleaning effect than its solvent-based counterpart, especially if the oil also contains a lot of particulate soil. This way of cleaning is not only environment friendly but also cost effective, because the water-based cleaner can be diluted before use unlike solvent cleaners. It has been very successful in car cleaning, heavy-duty hard surface cleaning and many more applications. Berol 226 is a good example of our current philosophy where environmental aspects rule product development without compromising cleaning performance.

Unique Chemistry

• Optimized blend of non-ionic and cationic surfactants

• Narrow-range non-ionic for excellent cleaning performance even at high dilutions

• Cationic co-surfactant helps non-ionic surfactant to penetrate into tough soil

Highlights of Berol 226

• Ultra-high performance solvent-free, NPE-free cleaning

• Optimized surfactant blend for water-based cleaning

• Exceptional cleaning of fat/oil and particulate soils on hard surfaces

• Effective in alkaline, acidic and neutral formulations

• One complete surfactant blend – easy to handle

• High-performance product – lower usage levels – very cost-effective

Why change to Solvent-free Cleaning?

• Health and environment safe

• No fire hazard

• Better total cleaning – cleans particulate soil also

• Lower cleaning cost

• High temperature cleaning is possible

• No impact on rubber, plastic,paint, etc.

• Good cleaning even at high dilution

• Emulsification vs. dissolution of


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