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Corporation gives approval for outsourcing waste disposal

In order to address the issue of garbage collection and disposable operations in all zones other that Zone IX, Zone X and Zone XIII, which are already under a private contractor’s charge, the Chennai Corporation Council gave the go-ahead to the civic body to take steps to outsource conservancy operations in all zones.

Over 20 private players have already expressed interest in taking up conservancy operations. Among these is Ramky Enviro, which presently is in charge of the conservancy operations in the Zones IX, X and XIII.

Corporation officials have on many occasions expressed their unhappiness with the state of garbage collection and disposal operations in these three zones, with some even going to the extent of saying the contract was handed to Ramky Enviro only as they had quoted the cheapest price. Ramky Enviro had even faced a strike in one zone, with its employees stopping work in demand of higher wages.

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