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CoronaOven, a novel way to cull Covid19

While it is advised to wash groceries with soap and water, and wash masks before reuse, practically, it is very difficult to consistently do this. A non-contact, non-liquid solution is required to sterilise these items at one’s convenience. 

According to a study by the US FDA, Ultraviolet C, a type of ultraviolet energy of short wavelength, when exposed to a virus, penetrates its shell and makes a permanent alteration in its RNA structure. This alteration, in turn, makes the virus incapable of replicating in any live cell or causing any further infection. Based on this, Bengaluru-based startup Log9’s co-founders Akshay Singhal and Pankaj Sharma have designed the CoronaOven. 

This device can completely disinfect any item, including masks, hospital PPE, tools and groceries, in less than 10 minutes. Its 360-degree illumination design makes sure that each point of an object inside it receives the required wavelength and UV dose. In homes, people can easily sterilize their groceries, utensils, water bottles, other home appliances and accessories. CoronaOven is compatible with solid surfaces of plastic, metal, leather and fabric.

The product comes in multiple variants in two categories: plug-in and portable. All police stations in Bangalore have bought CoronaOvens and more than 150 of them have been deployed. The device is also in use in Kochi’s Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. 

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