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Cordless walk-behind scrubber dryer

With enhanced fluid management to prevent recontamination

Cleaning and sanitation is one of the integral parts of every commercial food-related operation that has to adhere to strict standards/compliances. Maintenance of a clean work environment is critical in preventing food borne illness. Nooks and corners have a tendency to be ignored, but have to be deep cleaned regularly and it’s much easier to establish an SOP with the right tools. The quality and frequency of cleaning for hard surfaces can easily be achieved with i-Team India’s automated walk behind i-mop for floors.

Its patented battery operated machines with higher rpm (350-500) remove microorganisms by mechanical methods, eliminating the dependence on chemicals. This in itself has introduced a new era in cleaning, where the twin brushes in the i-mop are in counter-clockwise rotation, thus removing every particle on the floor, be it soil or microorganisms, and storing it in the recovery tank for safe disposal.

It’s the ideal machine for kitchens with rechargeable batteries providing 24/7 workability, superior reach with low deck design, minimalistic upright lean structure that needs no specific storage room or area and 360 degree on the spot maneuverability. The machines have been designed with sustainability in mind and this is reflected in the ease of operation and effectiveness. Enhanced fluid management and minimal usage of water removes the dirty solution from the floor instantly, rather than leaving it to dry and recontaminate the surfaces.


  • 360o flexibility
  • Easy to fill, clean and empty above a sink
  • Can be used 24/7 with extra rechargeable battery packs
  • Can be used for 1 m2 as well as for 1,000 m2
  • Modular HACCP colour coded accessories help to prevent cross contamination in food prep and hygiene-critical areas.
  • Very light weight allows work on multiple levels
  • Low profile deck cleans underneath cabinets and ledges
Specifications i-mop XXL i-mop XL i-mop Lite
Application Indoor, hard surfaces only Indoor, hard surface only Indoor, hard surface
Theoretical performance (m2/h) Up to 2300 Up to 1800 1400
Battery Capacity 2 2 1
Brush Speed (RPM) 350 350 500
Operation width (cm) 62 46 37
Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 64.5 x 47 x 120 47.5 x 44 x 120 34 x 43 x 120
Weight without batteries & water (kg) 21 18.5 11.5
Clean water tank (litres) 5 4 3
Solution/Recovery clean tank (litres) 6 5 4
Li-ion Battery Yes Yes Yes
Splash Guards Yes Yes Yes

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