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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Copper Cleaning System

Copper Cleaning System BARCORA Copper- System – the solution for cement scale, adhesive residues and silicones. The copper products of ARCORA takes care of the preserve cleaning of pots, pans, enamel, ceramic cooktop and chrome. Heavy dirt on glass, stainless steel and windows can be removed easily and scratch-free, thanks to the low temper of the cooper. The Arcora copper products are 100% antibacterial. A certification report is available on demand.


• Reduction of working time and personnel costs
• Only water and a little chemistry is required for cleaning
• Gentle cleansing of pots, pans, enamel, ceramic panes, chrome and rust on cutlery
• Remove cement veil, lime and silicones
• Scratch-free usage on glass (windows) and nonpainted surfaces
• Reusable several times, washable at 60°C

• Hotel, Restaurant, Catering
• Final construction cleaning
• Window cleaning • Train cleaning
• Special cleaning • Bulding cleaning

Copper sponge grey
• Format : ca. 11 x 6,8 x 2,8 cm
• Weight : ca. 21 g
• Colour : Grey
• Material : Copper, Plastic foam

Copper cloth small
• Format : ca. 14 x 10cm
• Weight : ca. 5,5g
• Colour : Grey
• Material : Microfiber, Copper,Plastic foam

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