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Cool new robots for pool cleaning

Ravinder Paul Singh
CEO, Pal N Paul Incorporation

Gone are the days of a single person using an extra long tool to clean the floor of a drained swimming pool from outside it, unable to see what he or she is doing and missing several spots. It was common to see green mold spots persist even after cleaning, and for brown smudges to remain after multiple cleaning cycles.
With the advent of pool cleaning robots, such stains don’t stand a chance. Ravinder Paul Singh, CEO, Pal N Paul Incorporation, explains how swimming pools – which were among the last facilities to reopen – can be thoroughly and hygienically cleaned using pre-programmed robots that will not miss a single spot.

In your analysis, what are the challenges of cleaning a swimming pool? Which are the problem areas?

Some of the problems are:

  • Swimming pool owners can’t clean their pools by themselves
  • Manual cleaning techniques, which have been employed conventionally, are ineffective.
  • The cost of maintenance is very high.
  • Daily routine cleaning of the pool  involves high service cost and manpower cost.

What are the issues with manual cleaning of swimming pools? How are pool cleaning robots superior to cleaning machines?

In manual cleaning, the cleaners are supposed to adhere to the predefined cleaning cycles. Failing to follow the same leads to the pool becoming very dirty, which cannot be used.

Pool cleaning robots are superior because there is no involvement of human intervention. Robots can be programmed for the cleaning time and duration. They automatically start, clean the pool, and stop. Since robots work on cleaning programs, they maintain the pool hygiene by automatically starting and cleaning.

How are these robots designed to overcome the challenges mentioned above?

Robots are designed to work according to the cleaning program given to it. Hardware is designed to work on the pool floor, walls and water line.

Are they to be used along with any chemicals? If so, what?

Pool cleaning robots do not require any chemical for cleaning.

How exactly is a pool cleaned using a robot?

We have two types of robots: Corded and Battery Operated. Both types come with a mobile app which is used to do the programming of the robot. After programming, it is kept in the pool for cleaning work.

The battery operated robot comes with a charging system which is installed in the pool itself for battery recharging. Corded model comes with a 12V power cord for supply to the robot.

Robot cleans dust, dirt, algae, insects and other foreign materials from the pool.

How does a robot tackle the growth of mould on the tiles?

For the mould to form, it requires stagnant water. The robot never lets the water go stagnant, which is the main reason why algae and moulds form. Robots filter the whole pool water at a speed of 5-8 ltr/sec which creates ripples inside the water, breaking the stagnancy.

How long does this process take?

It depends upon the pool size. Cleaning cycles can be set for 1/2/3 hours as desired.

In terms of cost-benefit, how does this method compare to manual cleaning?

Robots cover the cost of investment in 6-8 months of installation.

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