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Model: Magic Cleen SS Scrubber (Available in 10Gm, 12GM, 15GM, 20 GM, 25GM Packing)

The smoothed edged wire is safe on hands and other surfaces. The curly wire removes dirt/stains quickly and easily and can be used for cleaning dishes, tiles, machine parts, sinks and tools. The tempered wire is tough, longlasting, stays germ free and rust proof that makes it economical and hygienic at the same time.

Model: Magic Cleen Sponge Wipes (3pcs and 5pcs pack)

Manufactured from renewable cellulose and cotton fibres, exceptionally absorbent, durable and sustainable, can soak up to 160 ml of water, flexible and supple, easy to wring out, easy to dispose, fully compostable & biodegradable and ideal for wiping and cleaning all surfaces.

Model: Magic Cleen Foam Scrubber/ Pad

(SHAKTIMAN, FIGHTER, SHINY, 3 IN 1) The product contains antifungal agent, will not Mildew. Leaves no oil stains, suitable for non-stick cookware, ideal for washingup and for use in the bathroom, kitchen, glass and car. The unique surface makes heavy-duty cleaning easy. It is reusable and suitable for multiple purposes. Foam scrub pads are safe on hands, can be used. The many different colored scourers allow to color-code cleaning for better cleaning.

Model: Magic Cleen SMASH and Alox Green Pad (Available in 3×3, 3×4, 4×5, 4×6 Inch size)

Features: Kitchen and bathroom cleaning tool; sturdy and durable abrasive wire mesh scouring scrubber scratch pad. Perfect for abrasive cleaning and scrubbing everything and everywhere, easy removes hard dirt and grease and rust. Available in polyester and Nylon. Versatile affordable and high-quality surface cleaning scouring pad with anti odour resistant wire material, that does not accumulate bacteria compared to sponges, rags and cloth, easy to sanitize in dishwasher for lasting use

Application: For washing dishes, ideal for clean kitchen, bathtub, shower, toilets, utensils, car, garden, dog and cat bowls, powerful oversized scrub pad removes tough dirt from cast iron pots and pans, perfect for sink, cookware, stove and appliances

Model: Magic Cleen Insta Cmopleen, Deck Mop, Clip Mops

Features: More absorbent, makes cleaning up spills easier, can be washed repeatedly without degrading and is suitable for deep scrubbing floors.

Model: Micro Fiber Cloth / Duster

Features: Most versatile and useful in kitchen. A synthetic fiber that can work like a multi-tool. Made from the combination of polyester and nylon (Polyamide), it is available in attractive patterns, designs and thickness. Perfect for dusting and cleaning larger surface area. The quality of the cloth makes it suitable for all surfaces. High absorbency and durability make it suitable for washing and drying dishes, cleaning up spills and messes while cooking.

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