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Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd has introduced trolley for the hotel industry. The Nukeeper NKL 17 Guestroom service trolleys are a flagship product of Charnock. These trolleys are made of a patented material called structofoam, which make these trolleys unbreakable. The trolley is based on a high mobility AT chassis. The trolley has 4 non-marking 200mm castors, which make the trolley easily movable and manoeuvrable.

The trolley is equipped with all round bump protection. These buffers ensure that during movement in corridors there are no scratches to the walls and the trolley. The trolley comes with two shelves, six drawers for amenities, two tray kits fitted to the top of the trolley and lid covers for the soiled linen bags on both side. These soiled linen bags are completely foldable for storage purpose and in case, movement is restricted, and these can be removed as well. The trolleys are equipped with a flexi front that acts as a hideaway front cover.

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