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The multifold benefits of contracting warehousing FM, according to Tenon Group’s Angad Rajain

Angad Rajan

Angad Rajain, Global CSO and IFM Head, Tenon Group

The demand for facility maintenance is more intense in warehousing than possibly in any other segment. Efficiency is at the core of this need, and who better to cater to it than an integrated facility management service provider like Tenon FM, which has an array of suitable machines, tools, software, processes and trained teams at hand. Angad Rajain, Global CSO and IFM Head, Tenon Group builds the case for outsourcing warehouse FM, and describes how his company delivers services.

Benefits of entrusting warehouse FM to service providers

Maintaining warehouses in operational condition

It has become critical for facility managers to follow every government guideline to avoid any unnecessary budget spend which can impact overall FM costs. Attrition is monitored and additional manpower is deployed to maintain the approved manpower count and continue operations without any negative impact.

Redesigning space layout

It is important to remain physically distant yet socially connected, because warehouse operations demand collaboration. Facility managers help leaders rethink workplace design to ensure a safe physical distance between workers at all times. From limiting the number of employees who congregate to re-evaluating the existing floor plans, facility managers create safe work environments.

Data-driven decisions

By maintaining a comprehensive, accurate database, providing a seamless exchange of electronic data such as building occupancy, visitor flow, material handling, etc. This data can also help in taking cost optimisation decisions in various sectors such as rainwater harvesting, monitoring the HVAC system to optimise efficiency according to occupancy, electricity load shifting/dividing in line with peak hour tariff rates etc.

Smart equipment maintenance

An Integrated Facility Management services provider can deliver prolonged machinery life by accurately reporting and predicting potential equipment failures. Nowadays, facility managers are making a rapid shift from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance using IoT-based tools and software. Various centrally maintained trackers are in place for monitoring equipment availability, downtime, 52-week PPM Planner, etc.

Mechanisation, better processes and procedure

Using these, we reduce manpower, which ultimately leads to reduced cost of delivery. Optimising manpower deployment with trained people ensures efficiency without the wastage of time and material.

Remote surveillance and monitoring

More than delivering security, such monitoring solutions help optimise storage locations, ensure SOP compliance, and also prevent inventory shrinkage. We have a real-time manpower monitoring technology that enables us to tackle certain manpower issues such as attrition, shortage etc. Certain modules like Helpdesk are in place to address customer complaints in a timely fashion and have monthly automated reports, which reduces the need for data entry. Our AI-based solution helps mitigate time-old challenges like pilferages in the warehousing industry.

Practical warehousing solutions from Tenon FM

First, we assess the facility to understand the occupancy flow, high-touch areas, and the individuals at high risk to virus exposure. This helps us decide on the frequency and intensity of cleaning and disinfection required to make the warehousing facility safe.

Our TAG (Technical Advisory Group) team helps optimise building ventilation and keep HVAC systems properly maintained to prevent viral pathogens present in the air from blowing from one worker to another.

We understand that good working conditions like clean washrooms and hygienic environment makes the operations efficient and increases productivity. We ensure that all areas are regularly cleaned for smooth loading and unloading operations, logistical movement from one part of the warehouse to another, with no interruptions in dock operations.

To ensure social distancing between warehouse staff like pick-packers, wherever possible, we are maintaining one-way traffic aisles to minimise physical contact.

Tenon Prime’s certified professionals use WHO recommended chemicals, use a 3-step specialised sanitisation and disinfection procedure to clean and disinfect premises with the help of ULV Fogging and high-pressure steam machines.

Every shipment in & out of the facilities including all trucks and cargo is sanitised and disinfected by these ULV machines.

Our fleet monitoring solutions help warehouse/fleet managers remotely track and monitor location, routes, and service frequency of the fleet, addressing cost concerns appropriately. We also offer critical insights into drivers’ behaviours such as hard braking, brake checking, rapid acceleration, driving speed, turning motion etc.

Housekeeping machinery & manpower requirement is arrived at after analysing rack occupancy, various systems involved, LL scope areas identification etc.

Certain modules such as Green Checklist Module, Helpdesk Module, Audit Module, 52 Week PPM Planner Module etc are implemented, which makes Tenon deal with various aspects of managing warehouses in an efficient way. Implementation of these modules also ensures paperless operation, maintaining zero downtime, and timely updation without human interference.

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