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Mildata® computer network from Milnor, USA helps in meaningful management reports; central on-line programming; remote programming/reporting; streamline production by isolating wait times and helps reduce or eliminate downtime.

Mildata Computer Network is linked to each machine in the laundry. The system is designed to allow you to see if you are maintaining production goals. Reports generated identify raw data (batch, weight, number of pieces, machine faults) assist management in maintaining efficiency and reducing downtime.

The Computer Network provides complete personal computer monitoring and reporting on washing equipment including batch washers, washerextractors and dryers. The result is a built-in management network for the laundry or textile plant.

The Mildata system can provide data collection, report generation, central programming and system monitoring. With this system, management has instant access to production and can take immediate steps to streamline productivity for a more efficient, profitable operation.

Using standard XML format and an internal server, Mildata allows you to tie into other vendors’ equipment to monitor your entire laundry.

Moreover, the system allows all functions to be accessed on-site, at remote locations or via the internet – an important consideration for companies with multiple locations or off-site personnel.

The Mildata system provides easy on-line programming of formulas at central terminals. Changes that took hours to program before take only minutes.

Programming advantages include: no lost production time; remote programming; and simplified dryer programming.

The Mildata® software system runs on a MS Windows-based OS. The software is multi-tasking, allowing for simultaneous report generation, machine programming and on-line communication. If the entire hardware/ software package is purchased through Milnor, the system is configured for “plug and play,” with minimal setup required.

On-line support

Milnor offers a free, one-year support plan with unlimited on-line and telephone support to purchasers of either Mildata system software or
software/ hardware packages. Technical support includes troubleshooting and software upgrades via modem.

The Mildata computer system is designed to evolve with a facility or facilities, in the case of multiple plant location – as machines are added or

All Milnor equipment with serial controls can be retrofitted for compatibility with the Mildata system. Thus, the advantages of a computerized network can be realized now.

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