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The shop floor of a pharma manufacturing unit is not unlike an Intensive Care Unit, where intensive care has to be taken by service providers to create the sterile, precisely calibrated environment required for the drug manufacturing process. If there are any lacunae or inconsistencies in these conditions, all the hard work will be in vain.

Recognising the importance of FM in pharma, the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, recently released guidelines for the ‘Strengthening of Pharmaceutical Industry (SPI)’ scheme that will support existing pharma clusters and MSMEs across the country in improving their productivity, quality and sustainability. The Centre has assigned an initial outlay of `500 crore for the period from fiscal FY 21-22 to FY 25-26.

Its aim is to upgrade pharma production facilities to meet national and international regulatory standards (WHO-GMP or Schedule-M), for which interest subvention or capital subsidy on capital loans will be provided.

From air and surface disinfection in clean rooms to water quality monitoring, shop floor cleaning to warehouse housekeeping, HVAC system maintenance to documentation of all FM operations, service providers and equipment manufacturers describe specially designed processes and solutions for the pharma industry.

1) Meeting the expectations of pharma FM

2) The ideal pharma housekeeping SOP

3) Clean room maintenance

4) Setting store in warehouse cleaning

5) The answer to pharma’s mechanised cleaning needs

6) Cleaning ‘Mat’ters

7) FM bookends: Budgeting to documentation

8) Avoiding havoc in HVACs

9) Not just testing the waters

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