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Compact trolleys with greater onboard storage

Helps janitors clean faster and more efficiently

CIJ 1/18-1286

Whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel, hospital or any other facility, cleanliness is necessary for both complying with health codes and meeting customer expectations. A thorough cleaning program can require a lot of supplies, and the best way to transport those supplies to wherever they are needed is with the help of a cleaning cart. As the resources and time available for cleaning are limited, janitors and cleaners need to find effective and efficient ways to meet cleaning needs economically.

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd’s Charnock SCG 1415 trolley is organised and compact in nature that aids the janitors in performing tasks in an easier, faster and efficient manner and eliminates the time wasted in assembling equipment at the work location or moving them from one place to another. The Charnock ServoClean presents two compact trolley options, both with waste facilities, additional pails and onboard mopping systems. The 1415 offers greater onboard storage for cleaning essentials and is compatible with 7 additional kits, providing the right mop for the right cleaning task.


  • 120 litre waste capacity: Fully lidded, providing excellent capacity for normal waste collection and disposal. Folds down for compact storage.
  • Choice of mop kits: Compatible with 7 additional kits, providing the right mop for the right cleaning task.
  • Structofoam construction: The heavy duty Structofoam base is strong and resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Shelf storage: Store a wide variety of smaller pieces of cleaning equipment, and cleaning agents.


  • Ideal for optimising the everyday cleaning of facilities such as hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, movie theatres, hospitals, institutions, factories and public places.

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