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Compact stationary high pressure washers – cold water


With metal plate for wall-mounting

IP Cleaning India Pvt Ltd’s MLC-C is a range of Delayed Total Stop Models ready to use in most segments due to 1450/2800 rpm motors. It offers powerful cleaning, high durability and low noise level. MLC-C is a simple and complete machine, equipped with a painted metal plate for wall-mounting. The machine requires minimum installation effort.


Delayed Total Stop, Micro Leakage Control, Flooding Prevention System, Nozzle Clogged Control, Working Hours Counter, Intelligent Proportional Switch Off, Dry Running Protection

Application sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Municipalities
  • DIY gardening
  • Heavy industry
Specifications MLC-C D1915P4 T
Operating pressure 30-190/3-19 bar/Mpa
Flow rate  450-900 l/h
Inlet water max. temperature 50°C
Power supply 3-400-50/9.4 Ph-V-Hz/A
Absorbed power 5.1 kW
Motor pole/rpm 4-1400
Remote control DTS
Pump/head/pistons IPC plunger/brass/ceramic
Dimension (LxWxH) 53x36x60 cm
Weight 45.2 kg
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