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Comac India Pvt. Ltd – Walk Behind Scrubber Machine

Comac India Pvt. Ltd -Antea is a walk behind scrubbing machine offering high performance for both maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq metres. It is available with a disc brush with 50 cm working width, cable (E) or battery powered, with traction (BT) or without it. Antea stands out for its new design that provides reliability and sturdiness. Such qualities are granted also by innovative choices like the use of a pressure die-cast aluminum squeegee mount, machine frame and brush head. The operator will find the machine very easy to use and to manoeuvre. Its compact size makes it an ideal model for several sectors: healthcare, hospitality, largescale retailing, automotive and public institutes.


• Intuitive drive, with few and easy controls

Versatility: thanks to the compact size, it is ideal to meet the cleaning needs of several sectors.

• Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance

• Energy saving and silent operation < 66 dB (A), thanks to Eco device (traction versions)

• Control of water and detergent consumption with CDS system (optional, only traction versions)

• Reliability over time and sturdiness are guaranteed by the new design and the new pressure die-cast aluminum frame

Easy Clean: special treatment that prevents dirt from sticking on the surface, making easier tank cleaning and sanitizing (upon request)

• Antibacterial tanks, available on request, ideal for the healthcare industry

Corrosion Protection: Special treatment for metal surfaces of machines working in special environments such as swimming pools, fish markets, dairies, etc, and in all areas where corrosive agents can be found.


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