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Comac India Pvt Ltd-Battery Ride-on Scrubber

Cost-saving ride-on scrubber

Innova 65/75/85/100 B from Comac India Pvt Ltd is a battery ride-on scrubbing machine with automatic traction drive, available in the scrubbing version with 2 disc brushes, with working width of 65/75/85/100 cm. It guarantees a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning thanks to an advantageous purchase price and complete equipment of all Comac systems which reduce waste and consumption. Thanks to Comac’s water and detergent dosing system, water and detergent saving up to 50% is ensured. Compared to a walk-behind scrubbing machine, Innova 65/75/85/100 B – 70 S offer the following benefits:

  • No more operator training thanks to “Working program selector” equipped as standard (automatic version)
  • Optimization of consumption thanks to the Start & Stop device equipped as standard which ensures a working autonomy increase up to 35% (compared to the previous model) so that the machine can be used for up to four non-stop working hours (automatic version).
  • Silence and energy saving thanks to Eco device (automatic version).
  • Advantageous purchase price.
  • Economic advantage while using it. Extremely convenient to clean surfaces, starting from 1200 sq.m with at least two cleaning operations per week.
  • The economic advantage to use it up to four non-stop working hours thanks to the optimization of energy consumption.
  • Compact size which allows the machine to pass even through traditional doors or be transported in lifts.
  • The advantage of performing even in highly noise-sensitive environments such as nursing homes and hospitals, thanks to its very low acoustic pressure level.
  • The automatic version is equipped with a working program selector making the use of the machine extremely intuitive. It allows selection of four pre-set working programs: Transfer, Drying, Scrubbing/Drying, Scrubbing only


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