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Coloured bedding for hospital hygiene

For decades, the cleaning industry in the more developed countries has been pushing the idea of colour-coding to prevent cross-contamination, but now an organisation has gone one stage further by introducing day-specific colour-coded bedding, to improve hygiene and patient care, while ensuring that the sanitation mechanism that has been put in place, is adhered to.

According to a report in Brighter Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has introduced a scheme whereby there will be different colours of bedsheets to be replaced on all seven days in the state’s health institutions.

The authorities have taken note of the frequent complaints from the patients and their attendants that the hospital authorities were not replacing the bedsheets on a daily basis and thus, compromising with sanitation in the health institutions.

Each day has been matched with a particular coloured bedding, to ensure the smooth running of the scheme and to show that each institute in abiding by the regulations. On Monday the sheets need to be green, on Tuesday pink, Wednesday blue, Thursday green, Friday pink, Saturday blue and on Sunday the sheets have to be white.

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