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Cold and hot & cold water pressure washers

When it comes to cleaning stubborn & sticky dirt, high pressure washers are widely used. Cold water versions are available from 50-200 bar pressure. They are numerous applications. The low pressure onesare used right from homes to clean cars,  garden chairs, swimming pools and many more. The mid range versions are used to clean vehicles toilets and some industrial applications.

The machine is available with two options – Electric Powe rPetrol/Diesel Engine Power. It has a simple operation – Running water is fed to the machine. The pump (that runs on either power) creates the required pressure and the high pressure hoses connected to machine spray lance conveys the water to the spray lance nozzle. Water from the nozzle is spayed to the set pressure on the area to be cleaned.

The Hot & cold versions are similar to the above except that the waterpasses through a boiler powered by Diesel,The hot water generates stean which is released when while spraying. food and pharma industries use hot water washers for sterilization and cleaning purposes.Tea gardens use them to clean the fermentation floor. Ground and material handling equipment,minining vehicles, etc., also need high pressure hot water jets to remove grease and oil. There are also specific pressure washers of very high pressures like 2000+ bar to cut stones and metals. Such machines are also used in ship building yards.

At present, the consumption of cold water jet would be around 75% and that of hot & cold around 25%. But the awareness of usage of high pressure washers is yet to spread widely in the market

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