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Clients themselves will benefit from a diverse workforce

Niharika Verma, Chief Operating Officer, Walsons Facility Solution Pvt Ltd India

Niharika Verma, Chief Operating Officer, Walsons Facility Solution Pvt Ltd India lists the various FM roles and sectors where women are already successful, and how clients react to the prospect of women being deployed at their facilities.

Slow rise

It is a fact that women constitute a smaller proportion of the workforce in facilities management. Statistics show that women’s representation dips as they step up from entry level to leadership roles; however, it varies globally.

The role of women in facilities management has been augmented by infrastructure growth, increasing demand, skill development and women’s participation. We are witnessing that there are industries wherein women are leading and preferred, such as healthcare, education, training, shelters, retail, corporates, hospitality and co-working spaces.

The number of women in FM is increasing because they are acquiring the necessary skills, have innate hospitality traits, there is growing acceptance and more availability of women candidates than ever before.

Some of the roles successfully managed by women include:

  • Facility manager
  • Sales/business solutions manager
  • Housekeeping anager
  • Event coordinator/project manager
  • Energy manager
  • Sustainability manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Front office/receptionist/CRM
  • Facility help desk/Administrative assistant
  • Finance & commercial management
Client sentiment

Many times, it is difficult to convince a client to hire a female workforce, especially if they have not done so in the past. However, there are many benefits of having a diverse workforce, including increased creativity, better problem-solving, and improved customer service.

Additionally, research has shown that companies with more gender diversity tend to have higher profits and better performance. By emphasising these benefits, it may be possible to convince a client to hire a female workforce.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace and are happy to discuss with clients how we can help them achieve this goal.


In view of creating a performance echo system and overall benefits of DNI, more women must establish their career. It’s a journey with clients.


Addressing the concerns of attrition is helping to increase the number of women employees; access to affordable and quality child care helps women balance their work and family responsibilities.

Flexible working arrangements, provide mentorship and leadership development to help women gain the skills and confidence they need to advance in their careers, commuting facilities and a safe workplace environment are key focus areas to enhance their participation.

We have a target of adding 8% to 10% more women in the existing workforce.

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