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Cleaning Solutions for Cooling Towers

Maintenance and water treatment are the most important factors determining the life and efficient operation of evaporated cooling equipment. Satol Chemicals through R&D has found that general problems of cooling tower equipment are water contamination, fungus formation, scale formation, water hardness and continuous algae growth in water tank and its surrounding.

The company has brought Satonil-PA (15%) a product with parasitic acid for the removal of algae, scaling and corrosion. The product works as water softener too. With its continuous dosing, it prevents further development of algae, scaling and corrosion. Satonil-PA is safe for PVC and galvanised stainless steel (on recommended dose). Reduced flow in pipeline, pump cavitation & collapsed strainers results in savings in maintenance, energy and labour costs.

Technical specifications:








• Brings the temperature down faster. Reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency in the system

• Totally Eco-friendly product Satonil-PA (15%) can work for multi-protection

• Prevents bio-corrosion and chemical corrosion

• Shows a wide range of biocidal activity both gram + as well as gram – bacteria

• Prevents sporogenesis, prevents yeast formation, fungal & algae growth

• Satonil-PA (15%) works as biocidal, fungicidal, algaecidal and prevents biofilming

• Satonil-PA (15%) does not affect the pH of treated water. In effect it helps in maintaining the neutral pH. It contains mainly high concentration hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water & Oxygen 2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2. So Satonil-PA is safe for human and animal life and is recommended in dilution with water


• Prepare chemical solution and circulate for 10 hours on

initial time

• Flush out all wastewater containing scaling/corrosion/algae

• Prepare fresh chemical solution and circulate as routine

• Top up dose and water

If scaling is more in cooling tower, Satol-DS (de-scaler) 5% solution (w/v) can be circulated for four hours before initial dosing of Satonil-PA (15%). To remove algae on the outer side, just spray 2% (w/v) Satonil-PA (15%) solution directly on algae and leave it for one hour.


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