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Cleaning solution for multi applications

Final Technologies Pvt. Ltd specialises in various commercial and industrial cleaning applications with proven Italian technology. Established in 1996, this ISO 9001-2000 company serves almost all segments of the Industry for their cleaning requirements.

“We represent a lot of companies from India and abroad for various specialisations in cleaning, fine dust collections & movement, high pressure washing, housekeeping, facility care, hygiene care, wash room care and special stone care,” says Deepak Baleja.

The company offers solutions for:

  • Cleaning through vacuums
  • Collection and disposal of bulk & hazardous material
  • Washing & Cleaning through water jetting
  • Housekeeping material supplies
  • Window & Glass Care
  • Facility care supplies
  • Wash room care products
  • High access applications
  • Hygiene
  • Floor grinding
  • Floor polishing & restoration
  • Floor maintenance
  • Concrete polishing

“We have a client base of over 2000 companies who have been benefited from our experience and their critical cleaning problems have been solved to their entire satisfaction. Our sales are backed by excellent after sales service and supply of spares and team of engineers can also handle the equipment application,” says Baleja. To him sharing knowledge is the key.

Baleja started his career with UT Group as Marketing Engineer selling high pressure water jet cleaners. After a five year stint at UT Group, he started his own venture and became the first importer of Floor Spa and Ghinli (then Cristanini Spa).

The company started assembling high pressure water jet cleaners from imported spare parts and its car washers model Servojet became a successful story. The company was then offered distribution of Western Floor Pvt Ltd, a joint venture formed in 1997 for its cleaning range.

“In 1997, I introduced a car dry cleaning system and created a new business model which was adopted by a lot of corporates and contractors.” adds Balega. In 1998, he turned to special polishing with diamond abrasives and started teaching contractors about this technology. “In 2006, I started direct imports from Bertolini Spa and Interpump Spa to make misting machines and a new range of high pressure water jet cleaners for various other applications. I also entered into an alliance with IPC India and contributed to IPC’s success in India. Another alliance was made with M/s Altret for its special range of detergents.”

During his visit to the May Amsterdam fair, he ventured into more alliances with Dulevo India for marketing specialised street cleaning equipment, specialised material handling vacuums and with M/s Klindex Srl for marketing a range of special polishing machines, polishes, diamonds and concrete polishing machines in India.

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