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Floor-without-a-deep-cleaning-or-coatingThe new coating material to be applied must be selected to suit the floor covering. For PVC floor coverings subject to heavy traffic, the Protection Dispersion Extra RM 782 is recommended due to its high resistance and excellent gloss producing properties. In the case of point-elastic floor coverings, e.g. elastomer, only the Care Dispersion RM 784 can be used as it reacts flexibly to loads and does not tear.

The coating material must be shaken well before use and then applied undiluted in “puddles” to the cleaned and dried floor covering.

The respective material must subsequently be distributed carefully and evenly using an “applicator” or wide mop. It is recommended to apply the product transversely to the light and spread it lengthways. This ensures that the product is applied evenly. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate and level of wear, it is recommended to apply the coating a second time.

Maintenance cleaning can take place manually or using a machine with Wiper Care Extra RM 780 in a dosage of 0.5-3 %, depending on the degree of soiling

Also to be noted: older floor coverings have the tendency to absorb the first coating to a large extent. The first coating can be walked on carefully after about one hour in order to apply the second coating. The floor covering can be walked on after two to three hours. The coating is dry and fully resilient initially after 24 hours.

Maintenance cleaning

Floor-after-a-deep-cleaning-and-coating.-The-coating-material-must-be-selected-to-suit-the-floor-covering.Maintenance cleaning can take place manually or using a machine with Wiper Care Extra RM 780 in a dosage of 0.5-3 %, depending on the degree of soiling. For maintenance cleaning with a machine, which delivers a much higher area performance, a scrubber drier is required using the one-step method. It applies the wiper care to the floor covering, brushes it in and picks up the dirty water in a single pass. Floor coverings are immediately dry.

Refreshing / polishing

Light scratches or heel marks can easily be removed by spraying the cleaning agent mainly on the marks undiluted and then polished with either a high-speed machine for water gloss or a high-speed single-disc machine for matt gloss. Alternatively, a scrubber drier with white, soft brushes (alternatively horsehair brushes) or yellow roller pads could be used.

Owing to the production materials used, PVC and linoleum place different demands on cleaning and maintenance, which should take place using a scrubber drier with roller scrubber head. These cover all floor care needs:

  • Deep cleaning / stripping
  • Neutralisation
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Polishing

The area performance is significantly increased by using scrubber driers with the appropriate water capacity and working width of the roller scrubber head, which is provided with brushes or pads. This significantly reduces cleaning time and manpower. As a result, this saves costs and increases efficiency.

Gerd Heidrich, Training Instructor, 
Alfred Kärcher-Vertriebs GmbH
Niels W. Buhrke,
Freelance Journalist

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