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Cleaning products from mushroom waste

The University of Alicante Research Group in Polymer and Nanomaterial Analysis (Nanobiopol) dedicated to the study of new biomaterials from natural sources and biodegradable characteristics have initiated a project, Funguschain, to obtain high antimicrobial and antioxidant substances from mushroom residues applicable to sectors as varied as food, cleaning or plastics.

The Funguschain project seeks to obtain mushroom-based high valuable components from new processes using the cascading system, a method consisting of several similar processing steps in which the output of one stage feeds the next. Innovative and sustainable compounds for a wide range of products such as antimicrobial an d eco-friendly cleaning solutions for household products, bioplastics for bags, film and gloves, or enriched food supplements for the elderly and sportsmen.

The Dutch company BioDetection Systems along with 16 partners, including universities, research centres and companies from Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Sweden and Portugal is heading the project.

The project includes a four-year work and will lead to results that allow the integral valuation of mushroom residues and the resulting byproducts. The ultimate goal is to obtain high added value, sustainable and innovative compounds for cleaning products, enriched food supplements and bioplastics for bags, plastic films and gloves.

Once the end products are retrieved after having been validated by the food companies, manufacturers of cleaning products and bioplastics connected to the project, the remains of the mushroom waste will be used for compost and biofuel. The project, with a budget of €11 million, is co-financed by the Bio-based Industries Consortium under the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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