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Cleaning Practices in Automobile Industry

Good housekeeping benefits everyone in the manufacturing process by creating a safe, clean and appealing surrounding. Automobile factories in general produce 3000-5000 cars per day. The facilities comprise of research centres, foundry, fabrication shop, machine shop, paint shop, assembly lines and administrative offices. Generally, these manufacturing facilities are spread over hundreds of acres with seamless road connectivity between each plant.

In the last two decades, there is a sweeping change in the automotive technology. The use of electrical and electronics devices has increased demanding a clean and dust free environment.

A well thought out programme is mandatory to reduce the source of dust in the automobile industry. Dirt may have many sources. Employees bring in dust; machines create dust, conveyor systems carry dust, leaking roofs drafts draw dust from outside. While entering the facility a person is expected to cover himself and pass through a set of air blowers to prevent tint and foreign particles getting inside. The most important cleaning methodology employed are sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and pressure washing.

Shop Floors

Shop floors mostly have concrete or epoxy floors. As these are large areas, ride-on version sweeper cleaning machines will be more appropriate to sweep all the loose debris like sand, waste, chips, nails and screws. A ride-on sweeper, either petrol engine driven or battery operated models with 700-900mm sweep path and 60-90 liters hopper capacity will be most suitable. For cleaning oil spillage, grease smear and similar dirt, battery operated ride on scrubbers are recommended. Depending on the oil spillage levels, suitable degreasing detergents are to be added in the fresh water tank. Professional tank type wet & dry vacuum cleaners are needed for cleaning the crevices and spillage between machines and lines.

Research Centre/ Office Area

Here again ride-on versions would be suitable for both sweeping & scrubbing. It is always advisable to have battery operated machines since it will facilitate faster cleaning and easy mobility. Neutral cleaning detergents and softer bristle brushes or pads are to be used in the scrubber drier. Windows and glasses are cleaned with window washers with squeegee, telescopic pole and window washing detergents. Seating area debris can be cleaned with portable vacuum cleaners.


Water pressure jet cleaners are used with disinfectants to clean floors, the bowls, urinals and drains etc., Floor squeegee with handle is used to wipe the water off from the floor. Window squeegee is used to clean the mirrors and glasses.

Meeting Rooms, Training Centres

These areas with customised seating arrangements require floor washing machines like Wizzard, single disc scrubber, portable vacuum cleaners, mops and trolleys.

Vehicle Pre-delivery Cleaning

Centralized industrial vacuum cleaners which can be operated for a longer period can be used to clean under and over the seats and boot area.

Roads, Parking Lots

Truck mounted road sweepers. Street sweepers, Ride on power sweepers etc can be used to sweep the roads, townships and parking lots.

It is important to make housekeeping as continuous and an ongoing Effort. All employees should be made to understand that housekeeping is a priority and that each person is accountable for making sure his/her area remains clean and well kept.

The collected trashes also need to be disposed off properly. All automobile companies should place waste bins / containers in appropriate locations and instruct employees to use proper containers for waste. The waste liquid / dirty water should also be disposed off safely so that it is not harming the vehicles and workers.

– Roots Multiclean Ltd

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