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Cleaning of a spare parts warehouse

In this rapid-fire, Subramanian Lakshminarayanan, Senior Manager – Business Development, Forbes Facility Services gives us a penetrating look into providing housekeeping and horticulture services to a two lakh sq ft facility that packages two-wheeler parts for export.

What are the housekeeping requirements of the client?

The client’s premier need is to have no visible dust, dirt and grime due to the nature of the facility and the processes being executed.

What are the cleaning challenges you encounter at such a logistics facility?

The flooring is densified concrete and there are vertically stacked pallets throughout the facility.

What do you use to overcome them?

We use battery operated machines as access to electrical points is minimal due to the design of the facility. We have to use neutral pH chemicals to maintain the flooring as requested by the client.

You have described the flooring. What makes it challenging to clean?

The flooring needs no special cleaning apart from the use of a neutral pH cleaner in the right dilution. Use of an acidic base cleaner will spoil the floor look and reduce its lifespan.

The vertically stacked pallets are a housekeeping challenge. How do you clean them between them and around them?

All the vertically stacked pallets have staircase access. We clean them once a week thoroughly.

What are the different cleaning machines being used at the facility?

We are using a battery-operated auto-scrubber, a regular single-disc machine and one wet dry vacuum machine to carry out our mechanized housekeeping.

How do you combat dust?

Dust accumulation is reduced by dusting down from upto 20 feet height and then vacuuming as frequently as possible with a wet and dry vacuum machine.

What do you use for wall cleaning?

We are using extension pole-mounted soft dusters and for stubborn spots, a multiple purpose cleaner as per recommended dilution.

How many personnel are deployed, and for what functions? What special training is given to them?

There are nine janitors and two housekeeping supervisors across two shifts. There is also one gardener in the first shift. The housekeeping staff has been trained in machine usage, chemical dilution, filling and emptying the machines, proper use of colour coded consumables so as to prevent contamination spread.

How are you maintaining hygiene among those who work there?

By segregation of machines and other consumables into area-specific usage.

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