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Two major players in the cleaning industry are now providing equipment on rent for facility services. Pune based facility services provider MP Group and equipment supplier Eureka Forbes are leasing out cleaning machines to “credible” parties. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Puneet Mishra, GM-Forbes Pro, Eureka Forbes, said, “Leasing option is being offered just to ensure proper machines are used for the task, as most of the times, immediate investment constraints drive facility companies to use lower end machines leading to failure of the project and ultimately resorting back to manual methods. This defeats the whole purpose.”

Adding further, Abhishek Pathak, MD of MP Group, said, “Investment in machines involves huge costs and most of the buyers — be it outsourcing company or the facility services company — find it difficult to invest all at one time. Besides, maintenance of these machines involves added cost. In case of a breakdown, the company is forced to keep aside the machine and probably work without one.

“Hence, we decided on giving cleaning machines along with trained operator on a rental basis. If any technical snag erupts, our technician will take care of it and in case of breakdown we will replace the machine within two days,” he said.

“It is an investment we are making for the growth of the industry and offering it selectively to our regular customers,” added Puneet.

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