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Cleaning Industry Trends

Demand for cleaning technology/equipment

The cleaning machines being sold in the market have evolved with the needs and challenges of the society. With increasing focus on providing customer value, every manufacturer is working towards developing technology which either solves a daily problem of a customer or introduces ‘value’ in their life, says Puneet.

cleaning-technologyHowever, in the present scenario, there is not much of the technology that buyers seem to be focusing on. “We foresee that customers will be better educated and will buy the right size of machines and not the cheapest ones as many are doing currently. Everybody talks about Cleaning Robots but the investment and the maintenance cost are still too high for a country like India,” says Ruediger.

Talking of equipment, civic cleaning will definitely have a good demand in the future. Equipment like large truck mounted sweepers and small city sweepers will definitely be the need of the hour. “The technology for these sweepers will have to come from India, taking into account its unique challenges and constraints as importing it from abroad will not be financially viable for most cases,” explains Varun. Another technology, that will be in demand would be of Washroom Cleaning and sanitisation equipment that help in maintenance of hygiene levels and also in infection control by curbing growth of bacteria in the washroom environment, adds Vivek.

“The focus will be on technology and equipment that promote sustainability but do not compromise on the cleaning productivity and efficiency. By sustainability, we refer to optimised use of resources such as electricity (energy efficient/saving machines), water consumption and reduced noise levels (dB).”

Hence, the need of the hour is to go with the present trends. Educating the market on the need for mechanized cleaning, the need for technology, investment in cleaning machines is an ongoing process. “Customers have to understand that the initial purchase price of an equipment is only half of the deal and the cost of ownership is much more important,” says Ruediger.

“On a positive note, cleaning, thus, is a “must need” for every industry and today, the combined efforts of the cleaning industry are forcing board rooms across the country to address the critical question of ‘What about cleaning?’” says Puneet Mishra.

Mohana M
The cleaning industry is buoyant, as the country in the changed scenario is adopting cleaning with open arms. The demand for cleaning products seems to be from coming any quarter rather than just the traditional segments as experienced previously. Some of the leading players of the Indian Cleaning industry share their views on the changing trends.India is constantly changing & developing and has a huge potential for the cleaning industry, says Puneet Mishra, Managing Director, Comac India. Growth is directly proportional to the efforts in the market towards educating customers on new technologies, service orientation and reach. Results are bound…

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