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Cleaning hard to reach spaces made easy

Ideal for daytime/healthcare facility cleaning

Product Code: CIJ 6/18-1322
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Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd’s C235 micro scrubber drier allows you to undertake a variety of floor care tasks in confined areas. The machine is battery operated, adding to its productivity, with no need to stop and change power socket outlets between cleaning areas, whilst also minimising trip hazards and allowing the micro scrubber to be used around pools and within leisure facilities.


  • With 1115 x 370 x 360 mm dimensions, a unique handle adjustment, and a locking system; makes it easy to store in small and tight spaces.
  • The C235 micro scrubber drier is easy to use, with a simple on/off switch and minimal preparation and aftercare for the machine. The functions are controlled from the operator handle with an in-built safety grip for easy maneuverability.
  • The 180 rpm allows you to clean the floor surface and grout lines and avoid dirtying nearby objects such as furniture and skirting boards.
  • Gives you an hourly performance of 1400 m2/hour
  • Quiet in operation which makes it ideal for daytime cleaning and use in healthcare environments.
  • Ideal for small sized floors where there is lots of free space or you have to navigate around tables, desks, machinery or beds. It is the ideal cleaning solution whether for a daily clean, or a planned scheduled and aggressive deep clean.


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