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Cleaning Costs are an investment and not an expense

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Shubhodoy Mukherjee, CEO, Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd (MMOPL)

Shubhodoy Mukherjee, CEO, Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd (MMOPL) oversees the operations of Mumbai’s first Metro line. In this interview, he explains how the relationship between cleaning and budgeting has evolved over the pandemic.

How has the pandemic influenced spending on cleaning?

The pandemic has raised awareness about cleanliness in the general public to greater heights, because of which housekeeping and hygienic surroundings have become the norm for all public offices/places. The use of hand and room sanitizers has increased expenses on special cleaning agents to a great extent. Hand gloves, masks and dispensers for sanitisers have also marginally increased the expenses.

How do you budget for cleaning now?

Last year, the extensive spends were not budgeted, but the expenses were carried under ‘Contingency expenses’ for the period when offices were operational. Since train operations were on hold for a long time, the period for which such unforeseen expenses were incurred was challenging to manage within contingency funds. As per our policy, we included special requirements in the regular housekeeping routine; therefore, these have been included in the budget for the current financial year.

How does engaging a professional housekeeping services provider help?

Professionals are professionals because they know their job and have the expertise to perform in a non-typical environment also. A professional housekeeping service provider comes with expertise in the use of relevant chemicals, cleaning equipment, mechanised equipment, and managing the manpower engaged in housekeeping activities in the most efficient way. It’s the most effective way for businesses to lower operational costs and streamline operations, which helps us keep our team focused on the core areas of our business.

How do you analyse cleaning related expenses from a cost vs benefit perspective?

Housekeeping is now merely not a cleaning exercise. It also ensures the safety of the staff in the work premises. They help preserve and protect building infrastructure, and enhance the life of the furniture and fit-outs in an office set-up. A clean work area creates a welcoming atmosphere and subconsciously encourages the team’s hard work and collaborative effort. Keeping in view the above advantages, we feel that these are not expenses but an investment for the benefit of our employees and maintaining the customer experience.

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