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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Cleaning Chemicals in India: The Story Begins Here

How has the new tie-up with Cleanfix made a difference?

The joint venture with Cleanfix, a company which also values quality and holds customer satisfaction as its top priority, will definitely help us in enhancing our strength in the industry. Cleanfix unlike most other machine manufactures, produces only from its facility in Switzerland and supplies to other countries. No Cleanfix machine is manufactured in China or any other country.

Customers today want one stop solutions and realising that we have introduced a unique Programme “Massterklean” -. Clients do not want to scout around to different suppliers for different cleaning needs. By having all the necessary cleaning products under one roof, it makes it a lot easier for them to source it from us. “We take care of the Capex and the AMC for machinery the customer does not have to invest says Shankar Iyer – Head of Massterklean ” . This will not only increase volumes but will also help us in increasing our customer base. The tie-up has already made a huge difference. Schevaran is now a source from where one can procure all cleaning requirement.

“We focus more training than on sales to make sure that our customers are equipped to use our products efficiently and effectively”.

– Jeevan M S Manager,
Training & Quality Control

Schevaran Innovation Center

The Schevaran Innovation Center, the backbone of the Schevaran facility, is where new thoughts, processes, formulations, solutions and products are nurtured and turned into a reality. Dr Bhavani Shankar, the scientist who gives shape to the thoughts says, “We need to keep upgrading the existing ones and supply new & innovative products to the consumers. We must always be relevant to the market. We are constantly re-engineering the products, to reduce the cost of production and give more profit to the organisation.”

Today, in terms of environment friendly products there are bio products that use bacteria and there are enzymes that consume bacteria. “Primarily, bio products can have an impact on the eco-system as it is bacteria based. Of course, no study has been made to this effect. Instead we use the enzymes itself which makes it safer.”

Chemicals, as such, should be easily biodegradable and should not have any toxic effect on the environment. “These are the two main criteria to determine the right product. Alternatively, it should be totally organic.”

How effective are organic products?

They are effective, but sometimes it is the cost factor which becomes a deterrent. Also, in some products, the action is delayed as compared to chemicals. Chemicals are strong, so the action is quicker. However, we need to see that the effect of chemicals on the environment is the least and is quickly biodegradable.

What should be looked for in a product that is biodegradable and less toxic?

Certification plays an important role. We use organic ingredients for which we can give a Certificate of Analysis provided by the supplier. The product may be self-certified by the manufacturer or from a Central Government recognised laboratory – NABL. These certificates can prove that the product is biodegradable.

The Green Seal certification is issued in the USA for their local products and is not available in India. We have a collaboration with RMC and some of their products are Green Seal certified. There are numerous tests which are done like measuring its effect on the environment; whether it is toxic to flora and fauna, etc. All these are tested before the certificate is issued.

Your experience with Schevaran products

I have been in Schevaran for over four years. The products which are developed here have minimum chemicals levels but deliver the desired results unlike any other detergent. Only biodegradable and FDA approved ingredients are used which will not harm the end user.

“If dirt, blemish or anything unsafe threatens, Schevaran is there to stand with, till life brightens”

– Dr Richard Joseph Advisor
Schevaran Innovation Center

Social initiative

Social initiativeThe SIC School Programme is doing a Hygiene Programme for the last two years. We have been visiting three schools and engaging with Grade IV to VIII students, teaching them essentials of hygiene like cutting nails, daily bath, wearing clean clothes, washing clothes, brushing teeth and hand hygiene. Every month, we provide them a kit consisting of toothbrush, bath soap, nail cutter, detergent and hand sanitizer. Next year we have plans to cover more such schools and spread this campaign. This will help in the vision of a cleaner India. We have started in a very small way and hope to set an example for others to follow.

A visionary who took small steps on a ‘clean’ journey three decades back, today strides the roads of success with Schevaran Laboratories growing at 80% annually and reaching out to millions across the country. Standing tall in the midst of Mysore, the well-equipped Schevaran facility is “exactly what I had imagined when I started. But journey is not over”, says Managing Director Sam Cherian, who has accomplished in building the business single-handedly over the years. Clean India Journal expounds the journey of 30 years captured during the day-long tour along with the Schevaran family at Mysore. Standing witness…

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