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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Cleaning Chemicals in India: The Story Begins Here

“We are extremely happy to partner with Schevaran as we share the thoughts. Both Cleanfix and Schevaran are family owned and we can work to together with trust. As partners our approach to the customer is fair and we are looking at moving powerful forward”.

– Felix Ruesch,
Director International – Sales

Some of the smart moves made at Schevaran include intelligent procurement, diligent auditing, revisiting formulations, equipment checking & calibration, active R&D centre, well-equipped manufacturing facility, customer support and above all the passion to do better to meet customer expectation.

Benjamin Alexander- Director Sales shared that Schevaran have more training resources than Sales Reps in the market purely to ensure that customers derive the maximum benefit of the orders placed.

Schevaran facility is equipped with a highly successful Innovation Centre, automated manufacturing facility, warehouse and corporate office. “We will now expand and create a facility to manufacture equipment’s from Celanfix,” said Sam. Schevaran has recently entered into a joint venture with Cleanfix, Switzerland.

“We have automated the complete operations, with minimum human intervention all operations – filling, sealing, labelling, coding and packing are done in one single line. The entire operations are digitised by means of ERP which enables to track and implement the process from order to cash. All operations – sales order, procurement process, process controls in production, quality, maintenance and dispatch comes under ERP module. This has resulted in accountability, traceability and reduction in paper work. This model provides very good management information system which enables management to take appropriate decisions.”

– Prabhu Prasad
Factory Manager

Building the B2C segment

In the initial years of its inception Schevaran had withdrawn from the retail segment., following a setback. “It is time to build Schevaran in the B2C segment,” says Hemant Hardikar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

“I have had a vast experience in big FMCG companies but what Schevaran has done in the last three decades, if I get a chance to relive my life, I would have probably done the same.”

Speaking of the work environment which is conducive and supportive to new thoughts and ideas, “a lot of people join organisations with a mind-set of a structured environment. Schevaran is a different environment. Here there are lot of things which we need to do beyond our role. It is important to have a right attitude to be able to adopt to circumstances.”

You have to be mentally ready.

I met Sam many times and I thought he is very open minded and democratic. He takes opinions from employees and also gives respect to everyone. In these 30 years – he is the one who has built this company single handed. Given a chance, to relive my life, probably I would’ve done the same thing.

Contribution to  work (Mindset of doing it alone)

You have to get into more details. There is nobody else to fall back on. It is actually very satisfying that you are involved in building something from scratch. Every element is thought through. Sam would know exactly what had happened 15 years ago. We go to him if we have any doubts as he knows the whole history. I am learning from his experience and building from scratch the B2C business. This is an interesting journey.

Schevaran has always been a B2B institution in market product. How would you launch it in a B2C segment?

Schevaran has an advantage of having the products and formulations. Schevaran Innovation Centre (SIC) is backing our products. It is very important in a consumer environment to have a successful product. The team of scientists have given me the confidence of our products delivering on whatever we are committing. There is huge potential for success.

Today the per capita usage of household cleaning is very limited to urban houses. Our products are already tested in B2B, and we know that we have happy customers.

We are going to launch B2C products under a different brand name.

Target segment for theB2C product

First target market are Urban towns, SEC A and the people who buy from self-service stores. We want them to pick the products up from the shelf.

In consumer segments there are lot of companies and if you have the right product, numbers are not difficult to achieve. We are a small company, so we have a flat structure. Decision making is very fast. There is no bureaucracy and politics. Sam is encouraging this culture and we have lot of freedom to work towards our objectives.

We have a strong customer support team which enables timely execution of orders received. Every order is dispatched within 24 hours and is tracked until it reaches the customer. Following delivery, our strong training team educate the clients on optimum utilization of the chemicals.”

– Shyla Yogish
Business Head – Order to Cash

Expanding product range & reach

Schevaran products hold greater significance today with the growing awareness of eco-friendly chemicals. “This was the goal we had set out to achieve 30 years back when cleaning was not a priority in our country. Schevaran was among the pioneers to initiate eco-friendly chemicals in India,” says Benjamin Alexander- Director Sales at Schevaran for the last 12 years.

What has been the reach and expansion of Schevaran over the years?

Schevaran manufactures products with safe cleaning formulations at its facility in Mysore. We began in a small way penetrating the country from South India and today we have presence across the country through distributors and suppliers.

What is the marketing strategy for this financial year?

We are working vigorously with Corporates, Facility Management companies and our Stockists by ensuring on time supplies, regular trainings and audits to increase our market share and beat the competition on being proactive in understanding their needs. We have also priced our products so well, where all of our customers see value for the money spent.

Your plans of exports?

We have already initiated talks with large users abroad and are in the process engaging a few distributors. Definitely in the coming months we will have more to share.

A visionary who took small steps on a ‘clean’ journey three decades back, today strides the roads of success with Schevaran Laboratories growing at 80% annually and reaching out to millions across the country. Standing tall in the midst of Mysore, the well-equipped Schevaran facility is “exactly what I had imagined when I started. But journey is not over”, says Managing Director Sam Cherian, who has accomplished in building the business single-handedly over the years. Clean India Journal expounds the journey of 30 years captured during the day-long tour along with the Schevaran family at Mysore. Standing witness…

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