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Cleaning an automobile manufacturing area

India is the sixth largest motor vehicle/car manufacturer in the world. India produces a record 20.4 million motor vehicles. The presence of multiple international automobile manufacturing companies and the increased awareness for international standards of quality have contributed to increased demand for best cleaning practices. Even areas like foundries or component production facilities are maintained well.

Outer Area Cleaning

This mainly involves sweeping and depending upon the area and dimensions of the roads, the size of the sweeping machines are decided. In automobile sector, a structured maintenance plan is very important. Regular sweeping of outer area reduces dirt on the shop floor as 60-70% of the dirt comes from outside. Loading of finished products and unloading of raw materials are sources of dust and dirt.

Dispatch Area

It is again mainly a sweeping area and the sweeping machines are decided on the dimensions of the area. Also the high pressure washers are used for the removal of the oil and dirt accumulation from the floor and to clean the finished vehicles.

Base Frame manufacturing. Weld Shop

Here, high pressure washers are used for removal of additives and coating after the applications from the base frame. At some places, the high suction vacuum cleaners are needed used for the removal of sand. Prior to welding, vacuuming is done on the parts to be welded. For cleaning the floor of this area sweeping machines are used.

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