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Cleaner Infrastructure for better growth

Forbes Pro- Clean Technology Solutions has aptly defined Cleaning as a science and like “cleaning consultants,” Forbes Pro has provided Health & Hygiene solutions to all the infrastructural segments.

The Public Transport Revolution -Metro Rail

Transforming itself into a lifeline of any developed city, the Metro Rail Corporation has spread its operations to many cities providing new dimensions to public transport. Forbes Pro has been instrumental in maintaining the metro stations in three of the six cities where Metro rail is functional now.

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation:

Within its five colour coded metro lines and an additional Airport Express line covering 193km, Delhi Metro has 146 stations. Forbes Pro covers 70% of them with around 500 plus cleaning machines of various types, keeping the stations spic and span. The variedrequirements of cleaning have been addressed by specific machines like auto scrubber dryers for cleaning the station platform and the entry-exit areas, Sweepers for cleaning the outside premises, and high pressure cleaners for cleaning station rail tracks, staircases & washrooms. The swanky stations maintain their décor using these mechanized cleaning concepts. Since the stations are maintained by facility management companies controlled by DMRC, it becomes evident that both the parties have full faith on the operational efficiencies of the machines. To secure this, regular trainings and machine audit programmes are conducted by the technical cell of Forbes Pro to optimize operations and minimize downtimes of the equipment. The company has also upgraded equipment to keep Delhi’s pride abreast with the new innovations of the cleaning industries thus increasing their benchmarks. The Minimono Series of mini scrubbers could be seen at various metro stations.

Into the third year of working with the Delhi metro, the relationship has led to creating a “Clean Station” concept.


Mumbai and Hyderabad Metros:

Riding on the experience gained from Delhi, Forbes Pro set foot in other parts of the country where Metro/Mono Rails are introduced. The prestigious Mumbai Monorail running from Chembur to Wadala covers nine kms with seven stations all equipped with walk behind auto scrubber dryer to keep the premises clean. The construction work of the upcoming Hyderabad metro project that would cover 72kms is close to completion and the authorities have started deploying cleaning machines for its maintenance.


Airports have become different from what they were some years back. They have now become the window to the world where a city is judged by its airport. With privatization of airports, high degree of cleanliness is sought with all the facets of mechanized cleaning being introduced. One could find Forbes Pro CTS machines at many airports across the country. To maintain Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (T1& T2) at the highest levels around 60 cleaning machineshave been deployed, which run round the clock. There are a combination of cleaning equipment that are used on the premises for various areas like Arrival terminal,Departure terminal, Baggage area, Security Check-in  area, washroom areas, sitting lounge, Cargo terminal, various maintenance floors and areas, access roads, parking lots, etc.

All the operations are carefully monitored and fine-tuned with regular machine audits and training programmes. All the operators of the ride on models are issued operating licenses based on their proficiency and skill which is reviewed through
theoretical and practical review sessions. Thus the cleanliness & hygiene sets benchmarks at IGI in line with its credentials of being the world’s second Best Airport in the 25-40 million passenger category.


Mechanised cleaning to Power Generating Stations

Power plants play a vital role in the infrastructural growth of a nation as it drives modernization in all aspects. These places too need to be kept clean and dust free to enable the machineries to operate in controlled environment.

Tehri Dam is considered as one of the largest dams in the world with a generation capacity of 2400 MW. Tehri Hydel Development Corporation (THDC) and Koteshwar Hydel Development Corporation have been using cleaning machines for the Power house areas, generation area, turbine area, service area, admin blocks and guest houses. Even in the
Thermal Power generation plants like Adani Powe,r cleaning machines are used intensively for cleaning production and non-production areas alike. Forbes
Pro has been providing machines to these sites for long with constant up-gradations and productivity enhancement.

Forbes Pro has provided spillage management solutions to Adani Power in Gujarat in its production process with its Centralized Vacuum systems enabling the coal to be recycled back into the process to minimizing wastages and increasing profits.

The company has been continuously providing its expertise with cleaning machines and systems to maintain the esthetics of a facility as good as new, safeguard the investment on property, play a hand in increased productivity, enhance credibility of  facility and most importantly to be trusted like a “Friend for life”.

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