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Cleaner and degreaser for the modern kitchen

Safe to use on aluminium surfaces

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Aluminium is a metal that is used to make several common and widely used things. This metal is pliable, ductile, shiny, and unbreakable. It can be shaped into hard metal bars or thin foils by being pounded. Aluminium is a helpful metal for making everything from basic household items to sophisticated and significant goods due to its versatility. Some common kitchen objects manufactured of aluminium include cooking pots and pans, serving bowls, and several kinds of tableware.

Metal kitchenware usually loses its original lustre from regular usage. Compared to the outdoors, where the metal corrodes more quickly than typical, aluminium is more prone to stains and dullness indoors. Aluminium kitchenware should be regularly cleaned and cared for to preserve it in its original state.

With Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd’s Ross ASD, cleaning up greasy and oily trash in your kitchen is simplified. It can also be applied on surfaces like flooring that can handle alkalis. This method works for both a quick clean-up and a more thorough clean-up. It is a specially developed product that quickly penetrates dirt for easy removal, effectively cleaning oven and grill surfaces as well as convection ovens. Anaerobic and resistant aerobic bacteria might thrive in the air gaps due to the extended soot buildup on the machinery. Long-term dirt and carbon buildup affect the original surfaces’ deterioration. This alkaline cleaner is recommended for cleaning machines and high-pressure cleaning equipment due to its excellent soil removal activity. Ross ASD cleaner may be used on all metals, notably aluminium, and is suited for the majority of applications where it is used. As a result, you can use it to effectively and safely clean aluminium. Cleaning aluminium and other soft metal surfaces is quick and easy, saving time.


  • Dissolves excessive dirt from animal and vegetable oil and grease
  • Intensive soil-removing action
  • Suitable for cleaning machine and high-pressure cleaning machines
  • Fragrance -free
  • Aluminium metal-safe

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