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‘Clean Neighbourhood Campaign’

Puducherry Municipal Services Pvt Ltd (PMSPL), an integrated solid waste management service provider recently launched ‘Right to a Clean Neighbourhood’ campaign in Puducherry, Oulgaret Municipalities and Villianur and Ariankuppam Commune Panchayats under the Urban Agglomeration of Puducherry. The campaign is aimed at educating the common man on his right to a clean neighbourhood and how he can enjoy the same by actively participating in the initiative. PMSPL encourage people to dispose off waste in an environment friendly way and in return expects their cooperation to keep the city clean.

This includes keeping their area free of waste; securing waste bins against street dogs, cats, rats & other domestic animals; making their bins available for regular collection; cleaning the waste regularly to prevent flies breeding; taking excess household waste to the waste bin and avoiding illegally dumping of waste especially the hazardous waste.

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