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Friday , 22 November 2019
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Clean Water for Anybody, Anytime

The plant is based on UF-UV filtration system which has been designed to work at a particular TDS of water. The solutions are based on the water input quality. Typically,if the TDS is more than 400, then it requires an RO. At Govandi, the water is 120-140 TDS. If the water is sourced from a bore well, a different purification system is required. Eureka Forbes has customised solutions based on quality of input water and tailor made the plant based on water testing and water quantity requirements to serve the community.

Eureka-Forbes_machineIn affected areas where there is a need for safe drinking water, Eureka Forbes’ approach is different. This is especially where the water contains Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead, etc., and has led to physical deformation in the community, who have been drinking the polluted ground water unaware of its impact. Being a need-based solution, the education is much more than creating awareness on safe drinking water.

“Eureka Forbes works along with companies, Corporates, PSUs, Rotary Clubs and other NGOs who believe in providing safe drinking water for the community, as part of their CSR projects, by setting up water plants in their surrounding areas. This way the 2% CSR funds can be spent on activities like constructing Water Shops.

The non-profit wing of the organization, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment, which undertakes such projects, is setting up five water plants in a bus stop for the public at large. Here the water is being sold at `1 per litre against the `20 sold in the market. We have three different models for rural-rural, urban-slum and public places. In Kolkata, we have a 1000-litre per hour capacity plant which is solar driven. We are planning to set up many more such plants across the lengths and breadths of the country.

Hard-Facts“Some women empowerment groups have also bought such plants from us and they will repay over a period of three years. At some places where coolers have been placed, water is sold at `2 per litre and where water is delivered within a radius of 10km, water is sold at `3 per litre. There is a business model attached with such water shops. We make this as a livelihood model, whereby the people who run the water shop are able to earn `2000 to `5000 per month.”

Even on an investment of say `600,000 for a 1000-litre per hour RO plant, If water is sold at 30 paise per litre, working at 40% efficiency and optimum usage of 10 hours (4000 litres per day), one can break even within the first year in terms of paying back the plant cost within a four year period.


Effect of polluted water

“Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment would be very happy to partner with NGOs, other like-minded people for setting up such plants in joint collaboration for rural, urban slums and public places. We would be delighted to work with corporates who want to spend their CSR money on setting up safe drinking water plants for the people, as it is one of the most critical issues today. We commit that the plants will be sold at the cost price and they run for a minimum of 10 years or more. Our strength is in providing after sales service to the plant irrespective of where it is installed across the country. We have more than 500 customer response centres across the country and several franchisees to cater to each of these plants,” says Suresh.

Water shops are places where anyone can buy safe drinking water for as low as 20 paise per litre…

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