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Clean solar panels ensure optimum performance

Especially needed in dusty areas

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Just as one would ensure their car is well-oiled and serviced to ensure a smooth ride, the same can be said when maintaining solar panels. By keeping solar panels at their best, one can expect that they will perform at their optimum, remain free of any safety hazards, and ensure that they continue to provide energy to one’s home or business for years to come.

Common Solar Blockers: dust, leaves, bird droppings and water

Panel upkeep is a necessity as dust build-up poorly affects the panel’s performance. The greatest factors that contribute to dust build-up are the geographical location and the surrounding elements that might pollute the system.

Solar systems installed in dust-prone areas, such as main roads and farmlands, will require more frequent and thorough maintenance. Failure to clean and dust off panels installed in such areas can see a detrimental impact on solar power production. Research has noted that the reduction in solar efficiency due to dust on PV panels is approximately 40% in dust-prone areas.

Bird droppings can affect a panel’s performance to a greater degree than dust build-up. The common string-inverter PV system might result in minimal, or no energy being produced if bird droppings cover part or all or just one solar panel. This will not only require cleaning and clearing but pose a safety hazard. Hence, a monthly or annual gutter cleaning, and bird proofing, may be necessary.

For best results, one can use Satol Chemicals Pvt Ltd’s HP2500 (Solar Panel Cleaner). The product is a perfect blend of Silicon Chemistry, amines and solvent to clean and shine surfaces. It is very effective to use on a wide variety of applications, ranging from effective removal and preventing soiling and scale deposits and oil stains on solar panels.


  • New generation emulsion gives very good soil repellent properties
  • Imparts very good hydrophilicity
  • Forms a transparent coat on solar panel, thus no soil gets on it
  • Imparts permanent elastic resilience
  • Good antistatic and release properties
  • No yellowing
  • Suitable for spraying machine

It not only cleans the panel but also creates a protective layer of silicon on it after drying, preventing the accumulation of dust on the solar panel. Regular use will boost the productivity of the solar panel and reduce the cost of cleaning operation.

Industry experts suggest cleaning the panels at least twice a year. This will ensure that the panels remain in best shape and perform as expected. Failing to do so will leave the panels unmaintained which will result in losing potential energy. Subsequently, losing energy means losing money.

Does cleaning solar panels make a difference? Yes, indeed. Below are energy percentages you may lose per quarter if you fail to give your panels the required maintenance:

  • Year 1 Q1: 5% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q2: 10% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q3: 15% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q4: 20% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q1: 25% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q2: 30% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q3: 35% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q4: 35% Energy Loss

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