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Clean India Technology Week 2017 Sets New Trends In The Cleaning Business

product-demoEven though the venue of CTW was in South India, there were visitors from West, Central and even North India. Interestingly, with the awareness of cleaning being widespread, there was a mix of new visitors, start-ups, re-sellers, suppliers and direct end-users. Many of the local visitors were viewing professional cleaning solutions at close quarters for the first time and had a good learning experience. This time on, the representation from the government segments was much higher with Indian Railways topping the list of delegates.

Interestingly, Hyderabad is itself a hub of IT, pharma, retail & logistics, and is centrally located in a zone concentrated with hotels, building service contractors, infrastructure companies, malls, hospitals, pharma, retail, manufacturing companies and other sectors. This also enabled quality visitors to visit the Expos. All visitors re-emphasized the importance of having such Shows and thanked the organisers for getting the Show to Hyderabad.

[box type=”shadow” ]Special video broadcast, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

Suresh“I am glad that you are organizing the Clean India Technology Week at Hyderabad. Swachh Bharat is the Prime Minister’s big mission. It is time to implement cleaning processes at various levels, including railways. We are trying to set Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat and we need the appropriate technology and ideas to achieve this goal. I appeal to all the NGOs, all the organization, cleaning industry, students, colleges, educational institution… to come forward

“I am asking my colleagues to be present their physically, so that they will take the solutions gathered at the Show back to the railways and will collaborate with all of you to make railways a better place. Cleanliness is the mission which our Prime Minister has already articulated and launched; now, it is our responsibility to make it a reality.”


ComacPrior to the show, in an exclusive meeting with Mangala Chandran, Editor-in-Chief of Clean India Journal, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu deliberated on the need for cleaning solutions for the railways. A special delegation comprising of the Housekeeping & Environment department of the Indian Railways under the ministry and representative of officials from all the zones of the Railways visited the show to source various solutions. About 50 railway officials were on the floor on all the three days.

Never before has the government representation been so high in a cleaning show in India. The time spent by officials in gathering information and interacting with exhibitors and in understanding the various solutions that could be implemented in the respective facilities, confirms the trust laid on the cleaning industry in helping the government achieving the cleanliness goal. It has at the same time opened new doors for the industry to become a part of government contracts which are of bigger volume.

[box type=”shadow” ] The high-level brain storming sessions with government officials, the hourly demos at the stalls, constant flow of visitors, the parallel conferences, live washing in the laundry, car and waste sections… built a vibrant environment at the Show from day one. [/box]


Live Demo

Following the industry interaction, at the macro level, the government bodies are much clearer on the expectations of the industry and vice versa. Thus, smoothening the lag created through discrepancies in contracts and service delivery. The ensuing positive move by the government to relook at the contract business, at the micro level, sends encouraging indications to international companies looking at bidding for cleaning contracts in India.

The seemingly conducive environment to step into the cleaning business saw a lot of footfall from start up companies, especially cleaning, laundry and car care. A set of enthused visitors, who were visiting a cleaning show for the first time, were eager to understand and explore gathering knowledge about professional cleaning solutions. Despite the Show being held in southern India, visitors, especially re-sellers and distributors flocked in from Delhi, NCR and central India to explore business opportunities and tie-up.

Direct buyers did on-the-spot bookings. Besides equipment and chemicals, even smaller product exhibitors did very good business at the Show. All the four expos complemented each other and gave the visitors complete solution.

For more pictures visit : www.ctwindia.com

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