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Clean India Technology Week 2016 concludes On a high note

S.bPhilippe Julin, President-Eurosteam, France: It is for the second time that we are participating in the Show and will continue to participate in the upcoming shows too.

This time, we have introduced new steam machine for the Indian market, especially for hospitals. We have had meetings with some good distributors and clients, and would like to conclude the agreement at the earliest.

AlternetGiuseppe Viel, Director-Amer Group, Italy: “Under the Group, we have five companies that are into cleaning, giving a complete range of solutions. This exhibition for us was very interesting. We had a chance to meet all the major potential buyers or customers from India which otherwise is not possible”.

Francesca Fratus, Export Manager, Nettuno Ltd: Last time we participated in the exhibition was six years back. It was where we met our current partner. We find the Indian market more mature than before. This time, we are introducing a range of products to Indian market.

cleaning-toolsDr Paolo Scapinello, Export Manager, Filmop: We had visitors from all over India and also outside India. We are here in India for past twelve years and it was an exciting experience as usual because you get in touch with the buyers physically. You come to know what they need and feel about a product. The quality of the visitors passing by our stall was very-very high. This impressed us quite a lot. We have introduced some new products during this show, especially for healthcare cleaning, those specific trolleys which are complete locked completely closed and that also is important for the healthcare, systems.

We look forward to the next show.

New Launches

Roots-multicleanROOTS MULTICLEAN- RHINO RD 160

“The diesel operated Rhino RD 160 is specially designed to sweep heavy concentration of industrial debris, stone, glass, metal chips, pellets, sand particles found in extreme industrial and manufacturing environments, both indoors and outdoors. The filtering system includes two high-efficiency filters that trap particles capturing all airborne dust. It has powerful filter shaker system to keep the filters clean increasing the sweeping efficiency,” said Varun Karthikeyan, MD-Roots Multiclean Ltd. The machine can sweep 17,300m2/hr.


The Company launched a series of new products at the Clean India Pulire 2016. Prashant Sule, MD-Cannon Hygiene spoke about the new launches.

CannonTouch Door Handle Sanitiser is the latest innovation in serviced washroom hygiene from the company. Easily installed above horizontal or vertical door handles, CannonTouch dispenses an ultra-fine mist, which kills 99.99% of everyday bacteria and contact viruses in less than 30 seconds in preparation for the next user.

The door handle sanitizer is designed to break the transmission path of bacteria from surface to hand. It can be used as part of a complete hygiene system and has been scientifically developed to equip companies in all sectors with just one, highly visible, way of improving hand hygiene.

CannonScent W500 is a Scent Diffusion System that uses sub-micron Diffusion Technology (SMD) and can be programmed with varied hours of operation and diffusion cycle. The system is specifically designed for indoor scenting of areas such as retail stores, smaller hotel and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, car galleries, office and houses.Dulevo

CannonScent W1000 is bulk refill fragrance for large spaces, indoor scenting of areas such as retail stores, smaller hotel and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, car galleries, office and houses. It provides a longer service period with less waste and reusable refills. With no VOCS or propellants, the perfume scents have Ingredients produced in France. It covers an area of Up to 1,300m.


Dulevo India launched new road sweeper Dulevo 3000 Revolution. Sumeet Khurana, MD-Dulevo India said, “Dulevo 3000 Revolution is a perfect working tool for all seasons – everywhere and at any time – regardless of high or low temperatures, sun, rain or snow. It has used the latest technology and top-quality components ensure the high quality demands of the market. With a proofed fine dust reduction of 100% (compared to standard suction sweeping equipment) and a water saving of up to 60%, Dulevo 3000 Revolution fulfils all the environmental future demands.”

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