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Maturing Market, Maximum Technology

Clean India Show
Maturing Market, Maximum Technology

Cleaning tools

This section may come last, but is certainly not the least. Puri said that string mops and microfibre mops are still all the rage. Ahire revealed that in one year, the demand for toilet brushes suitable for Indian-style toilets, and dust-free brooms has doubled. Chatterjee explained why he thought tools — and not machines — would remain at the heart of all cleaning:

“In an office, the floor — where you can use a machine — is just 20% of the area to be cleaned. What about under desks? Cupboards? Chairs? The mop and bucket system will remain. Also, offices are getting smaller and more crowded; we are going to need smaller tools with greater flexibility.”

India is riding the crest of a nationwide awakening to the need for cleanliness, which is showing no signs of abating. As we have seen, Indian manufacturers are investing in their production capabilities, foreign manufacturers are sensing that the time is right to enter this market, and those of the latter who had tied up with Indian partners earlier have begun to establish themselves as independent entities in India. But with the market expanding faster than the number of market players, there is room for everyone, and more.

It is tough to summarise the paradigm shifts that are taking place in the cleaning industry. One definitely needs to be part of the Clean India shows, which provides an open window on the changing trends, demands, product preferences, new markets, technology development and much more in the industry. A few landmark changes experienced during the 17th edition of Clean India Show held at the Bombay Exhibition Center from February 13 to 15 reveals where the industry is headed. A report: Industry growth Numbers don’t lie. In the last 20 years, Charnock Equipments has expanded from a single office to…

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