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Saturday , 29 February 2020
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Clean India Show 2015, Indore “Setting Cleaning & Hygiene Standards in Central India”

Exhibitors Speak

Tony Chazhoor, Country Head-IPC India -Western floor Pvt Ltd: Indore, Bhopal Jabalpur and Gwalior, these four cities form the crux of Central India Market and there is a lot of scopeand huge potential. Happening for the first time here, Clean India team has done phenomenal effort in bringing the quality visitors. Seminar too, had packed audience. With this Show, awareness & business opportunities will improve in the region.

Siddhartha Shankar, National Sales Manager-Industries, Nilfisk-Advance India Ltd: We have our channel partner in the region and with this Show, we are one step closer to the consumers. For us the penetration will now be much easier as people know this brand very well. We have huge market presence in India since quite long time. By showcasing a range of patented products, the recognition level has gone high, which is very important. We have wide CFM range, plus centralized vacuuming and specialized vacuum systems for the fluff recovery. The designs are revolutionary, for example, vacuums have motors on the top but we have placed them at the bottom for the better applications. A range of Ride-on Scrubber dryers and high pressure vacuums has also been displayed.


Prashant Sule, MD-Cannon Hygiene: Like every other part of India, Central India is also emerging with lot of tourism, BPOs and hotel Industries coming up in the region. This makes mechanised cleaning and washroom hygiene extremely important. Providing better washroom hygiene not only reflects the organisation’s persona but also gives the staff a sense of satisfaction and confidence at work place.

Virtual Info Systems has done commendable job yet again, and I am pleased to participate in the Show. I will continue to participate in Clean India Shows in years to come.

Dr S Chandrasekar, Executive Director – Roots Multiclean Ltd: Last year, Clean India Show ended at a very good note and this time also, we are very positive. With Swachh Bharat in place, government of India is emphasizing on cleaning from all sides, we have good opportunity to encash. My best wishes to Clean India team for having organized the Show beautifully. After the Indore success, Coimbatore can be the next destination to tap the virgin market of south India.

Amit Pedenkar, Branch Manager, Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd: We at Karcher see the Central India market as growing opportunity. We are working hard to maintain a good & promising rapport among the consumers. As far as the Show is concerned, at Indore level, it was a 100% successful show.

Sunil Chopra, Regional Head-Eureka Forbes: Clean India Show is in line with the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Cleanliness has become everyone’s requirement. Clean India Show is vital to set the right standard.

Deepak Baluja, Director-Final Technologies Pvt Ltd: Talking about the market, it depends how one perceives and penetrates it. This helps you conclude ‘there is no market or there is huge market.’ I have never been in Indore, I came only because of this exhibition and would have to say people are more enthusiastic about cleaning and people want to learn more about it, and hence, the Show fulfilled its objective.

Daniel Nathan, Innovative Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd: For +he past one year, we are promoting our products through Clean India Show and the response is quite good. Overall, I see a very good market emerging.

Akshay Desai, Area Manager-Otto Waste: As we could see here at the Show, people are not aware about big waste handling bins and hence they need a lot of exposure. This gives an entirely untapped market to tap. Being one of the most innovative bin manufacturers, we have introduced a new concept, ‘A bin can also be a luxury item.’ We have bins which can worth from `100-100,000 rupees and the best part is that these are all made from German Technologies. To be very honest, footfalls have been less but good quality crowd.

Suresh Rege, MD-Mailhem Ikos: All you need to have is certain pilot projects that will set the trend. The market has huge potential because there is huge agriculture belt and there are a number of industries where a pilot project can be established. People will know only if we could set some successful working models. The show was very good. People were very excited to see such waste solutions available in the market.

Abhishek Dhamija, GM-Sales & Marketing, Revachem: This is the first time I think Clean India Show has been organized in Indore. We have got some good leads and since Revachem is a growing cleaning chemical company, we look forward to establish our presence in this new market. In all the Clean India Shows, wherever we have participated, we have been able to get good leads in terms of our expansion. For example, the last edition enabled us to establish Gujarat & Rajasthan network. With this Show we will foray into the central India market.

Debtosh Chatterjee, MD & CEO, Mrinmoyee: With tremendous possibilities, Indore is the next big city after metros like Bombay or Delhi. State wise too, MP is the biggest state to tap. As the competition is less in the region, things can be sold easily through such promotional activities. But, the region needs a lot of concept marketing to make people understand why cleaning & hygiene is essential.

Sunil Puri, Galileo Associates: We are into professional range of manual cleaning tools & accessories and we have found that there is a huge potential. The demand will rise with awareness. People will understand the long term profits if better quality products are used. The show was very good, but we felt, it should have been a three-day Show to have more visitors.

Rajesh Kumar, Director-R R Chem: Clean India Show presents the unique opportunity for exploring an untapped market like Indore. To me, it is a good futuristic move. We have got a very good response at the Show.

Rohan Kanugo, Excel Industries Ltd: Managing waste ranging from 50kg to 500 tonnes, we are working at all levels of the waste management pyramid. We have also partnered with local vendors to synergise the supply with demand. Clean India Show has given us a great platform to showcase our technologies. The Show organisers have a good team. People are very supportive and I personally feel, it is a right medium to approach new markets and move towards sustainable business.

Hiren Modi, Director-Klinox Marketing: There is an urgent need to improve the awareness level, however I see great opportunity in hospitality & pharmaceutical industry at present. Here, people have been using lots of phenolic and other basic products for disinfection which is not eco-friendly or a good practice to pursue. This show is right platform to promote the holistic cleaning approach, showcasing right products.

Shobhit Kumar Burman, Proprieter-Hands on Hygiene: We have been in this washroom business for the past six to seven years and have seen the growth coming gradually. People are getting more aware of the hygiene and cleanliness. Clean India Show is the one & only platform in which we have participated to, and are able to showcase our new range of products of Kimberly Clark, a very reputed company in washroom, hygiene and healthcare. We have got good response, but will take some time to convert. It could have been even better if the Show could be extended to weekends. As far as Indore city is concerned, this is a business hub where opportunities knocking the door.

Rajnikant Sharma, Territory Manager PCI: The show was excellent. We have got better response than expected.

Yugesh Naik, Business Head-Alpha Products: I perceive that the central India market is emerging and there is a huge potential for quality cleaning. We have built an image for the quality and performance and hence for us the show was quite fascinating. It has given us a platform where we can spread our wings all over central India, people really want a change and want to have products which are effective and make in India. We are promoting our PM’s slogan. We are confident enough as our products match international standards.

Omprakash Gothwal, Gothwal Floor Maintainer Machine: As the Cleaning Industry is yet to make a markonline, Clean India Show is the only platform where the entire cleaning fraternity do register its presence physically, bringing lots of opportunity for everyone.

Alexander Nikolov, Biotechnology Department Manager-HMI: Very well organized!

Visitors Speak

Visiting each and every stall at the Show, Bhopal Municipal Commissioner Tejaswi Naik and Additional Commissioner Sanjay Kumar were quite impressed with the available solutions. “A must for the all municipal bodies, the Show has got all the offerings which could be implemented in city in the longer run,” commented Tejaswi. Sanjay said, “I have been a regular visitor at the Show, but this time I am pleased to see a lot of waste management & recycling solutions that are affordable and revolutionary too. The idea of decentralizing waste if implemented, can bring a great relief to us.”

M.N. Jamali, GM-MP State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd: It is heartening to see such a great Show happening in a great city like Indore. The solutions will help upgrade the cleaning & maintenance systems in the various hotels and tourist destinations under MP State Tourism.

Udesh Dassani, CEO- CHL Group of Hospitals: It was an awesome experience to visit such good and meaningful Show. I have gone to all the stalls. As far as meeting healthcare requirements are concerned, there are stalls that have latest updated equipment, chemicals & tools. They have even shared the necessary knowledge insight while handling bio-medical waste and food waste, which so far we are giving directly to the Municipal body. It was interesting to see ‘FOODIE’ and other waste solutions that can decentralize the entire waste management. I have also seen some chemicals that we must use to clean our equipment in ICU and OTs area which have a higher source of hospital acquired infection. Infection control is a challenge for us and definitely, we will move ahead with the help of Clean India initiatives.

Vishal Kataria, Vindas Chemical India Pvt Ltd: The exhibition is very nice and very useful particularly for Pharma Industry; there are a number of machines that are particularly designed for Pharma industry. So far these companies were not approaching us directly but with exchange of cards at this Show, this we can directly get in touch with the manufacturers.

Clean India Show 2015 made inroads into the Central India market, marking a new beginning for professional cleaning and sustainable solutions in this region. The Show opened avenues for distributors and suppliers besides increasing awareness about professional cleaning solutions on an organized platform. Clean India Journal gives a brief glimpse of the Show."Central India is completely a virgin market and it was a good idea to organise the Show in Indore. Quality footfalls made all the difference. Some have even concluded sales-deal on the spot and many others have shown interest to procure at the earliest. Overall, it is a…

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