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Saturday , 29 February 2020
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Clean India Show 2015, Indore “Setting Cleaning & Hygiene Standards in Central India”

   Show will help enhance the quality and quantity of those activities effectively. And, people will notice the efforts.” Talking about the solutions available for masses, he said, “There are washroom and hand hygiene solutions that will benefit each and every person of the society.”

“We have never known that such a range of new costeffective and scientific cleaning solutions ever existed in market. Thanks to Clean India Show for giving us such a huge opportunity to understand & implement the right cleaning, hygiene & waste management solutions,” said Hemant Mehtani, President-Association of Industries Madhya Pradesh.

Following the footsteps of tier I cities, the region has marked high presence of MNCs, registering huge investments in the pipeline; yet 70% of the cleaning market remains untapped.

While the awareness is slowly on the rise, with 12 cleaning equipment distributors present in the local market, the Show created a powerful bustle for companies to penetrate deep and look beyond the metro cities.

“Coming to tier II & III cities like Indore is well timed and a wise decision by the organisers. After visiting the Show, I am assured that it will change the meaning and methodology of cleaning in this region. Cleaning till today is limited to a particular class of the society, but having seen such wonderful ride-on sweepers and scrubber driers, nobody would hesitate to enter into this profession. The Show can play a vital role in meeting the mission 2019” said Lalwani.

New Company launched

The Show has been an ideal platform for launching not only products but also companies joining the cleaning industry. Fully dedicated to cleaning, Institute of Cleaning Sciences and Management was officially launched by Shankar Lalwani at the Show. The Training facility will be available at two locations, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam.

Saurav Mukharjee, Strategic Mentor-ICSM said, “Cleaning is one of the sectors in India where the entire educational offering is inadequate. People joining the industry have no insight into the subject. It is our objective to create and  develop this Institution as a global centre of excellence in the field of cleaning science and management. The Centre aims to serve four kinds of services: Training, Solution, Audit and Research.”

The Centre offers various job-oriented courses such as Hygiene Technician Certification Program and Certificate in Cleaning Science and Management, targeting dropout students to working people. It is in talks with cleaning companies to extend their industrial expertise and with FM companies for the job placement.

“There is a huge potential, as no company in India measures and rates the quality of cleaning. Besides training, we will also offer auditing of cleaning quality. This will help everyone to check the hygiene & cleaning rating of a restaurant before having food there,” he added.

New Products

Kibble enterprises launched two new products in tools & accessories. While Kibble Combie is a combined tool of washer & squeeze, Greatmaid laundry trolley system provides complete solution for linens & guest amenities with durable & modular construction for easy handling with built-in hooks for hanging various tools & bags. Chhavi Vij, Kibble Enterprises explains, “The Combie is made from high
quality rubber squeeze with SS channel and hence very durable. The latest Greatmaid has been made keeping user-friendliness as top priority. It is easy to grip handle; Shelf is fitted to hold guest amneties and has high quality polyester bags to carry the guest amenities and mesh linen bags to store & carry fresh linens.”

Nova Enterprises launched eco-friendly and biodegradable TerraCyclic™ bio bins that cleverly seal the waste inside reducing energy use. Kunal, Partner- Nova Enterprises said, “The bio bins fit in even the smallest toilet cubicles (stalls). Off-the-floor units make cleaning easier and more thorough. The maintenance free bin consists of a rigid wall-mounted sanitary unit that holds a flexible & disposable
cartridge. The cartridge consists of a cap, modesty flap and liner that contains biodegradable, antimicrobial and deodorizing additives. These bins are convenient and hygienic and women would more likely to use them. The bio bin helps protect users by reducing exposure to blood borne pathogens such as E-coli, Strep, HIV/Aids and Hepatitis, protecting users and cleaning staff from touching blood products or unclean surfaces. TerraCyclic Bio Bin cartridges are made from non-toxic plastic with biodegradable additives, and can safely be disposed off in landfills.” The outer cylinder comes in three sizes, with white, black or silver finishes. The average life span of the cartridge is 30 days, but it can be used thereafter, depending on the use. The product finds applications in healthcare, schools and many other fields.

Tanishka Products introduced fragrance concentrate, MicroFresh® Concentrate Fragrance 10XT that retains the fragrance even at high temperature.

“MicroFresh® Concentrate Fragrance 10XT is a revolutionary product that can be used with or without softener actives providing long lasting heat stable freshness on laundered clothes. Effective on all types of fabrics, these fragrances are tumble dryer stable and remain for two weeks of laundering of clothes. This is an indigenously developed technology that has also been recognised by the government of India. It provides charge & detergent neutralization in bulky and textured items like bath towels, bedsheets, comforters, and headrests. It is available in both the forms – ready to use and concentrate,” said Vineet Mital, Director- Tanishka Products.



Clean India Show 2015 made inroads into the Central India market, marking a new beginning for professional cleaning and sustainable solutions in this region. The Show opened avenues for distributors and suppliers besides increasing awareness about professional cleaning solutions on an organized platform. Clean India Journal gives a brief glimpse of the Show."Central India is completely a virgin market and it was a good idea to organise the Show in Indore. Quality footfalls made all the difference. Some have even concluded sales-deal on the spot and many others have shown interest to procure at the earliest. Overall, it is a…

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