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Clean India Show 2012-Virtual Info Systems launches Waste Recycling India

Waste recycling and management has long been a burning issue for everyone concerned with clean and green environment. While corporates and households in India are seemingly making all kinds of efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated at every level, the endeavours are far from enough and totally fragmented. The need of the hour is to bring everyone involved with waste generation and waste disposal on a single platform so that individuality can pave way to unity, and the menace of waste recycling and management can be dealt with more professionally, efficiently and effectively.

Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd (VIS) has made a beginning by launching its fourth magazine, ‘Waste Recycling India’. The magazine was released on the first day of the 9th edition of Clean India Show amid an exclusive gathering of waste management professionals, local urban bodies, government representatives and industries.

Managing Director Jayaprakash Nair said that the magazine would cater to the various aspects of waste management and recycling. The magazine will bring forth the latest information and developments in waste recycling, solutions and best practices in waste management.

Speaking at the occasion, the Editor of Waste Recycling India, Mohana M, said, “Waste Recycling India is a unique magazine in its genre and the only magazine on the subject in India to serve as a benchmark in waste recycling industry. The magazine is visualised to serve the needs and purpose of all those involved in and associated with the recycling business in India as well as abroad. Through the magazine we aim to connect the dots and present a complete picture of waste recycling industry in front of the world.”

The maiden issue of Waste Recycling India was unveiled by Dr B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh; Sandip Jaques, Directorate of Municipal Administration, Government of Goa; Mangala Chandran, Editor-in-Chief; Jayaraman Nair, Chairman, Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd and Jayaprakash Nair, Managing Director, Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd.

To be published quarterly, Waste Recycling India will serve as a resourceful magazine which would keep the industrialists, manufacturers, suppliers and everyone connected to the business, directly or indirectly, including the end-consumers, updated and abreast with the latest in the world of waste management technology, treatment and recycling.

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