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Clean India Show 2012 Introducing New Facets

Over 30 new exhibitors

New solutions in Industrial Cleaning, Cleaning-in-Place, Waste & Wastewater Management, Indoor Air Quality and Laundry

Innovative cleaning equipment, chemicals & tools, pest management & washroom hygiene for commercial & institutional cleaning

Exclusive pavilion for Municipal Corporations, Laundry and Spare Parts

Exclusive Seminars for Healthcare, Manufacturing Industries, Waste Recycling, Laundry and Facility Services

Supported by the Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka and the Central Pollution Control Board, Zonal office-South, it is almost after six years CIS will be back in the IT city of Bangalore, at the KTPO Grounds from December 13 to 15.

With so many new aspects included this year, the 9th edition of the Clean India Show braces to witness the convergence of multiple industry segments, who’s who from a variety of industries and officials from several municipal corporations.

Commercial & Institutional cleaning

The Show focuses on commercial and institutional cleaning solutions specific to segments including healthcare, hospitality, commercial kitchens, educational centres, retail malls, corporate offices, beaches, railways and airports.

Removing odour from a hotel room or a commercial kitchen, cleaning hospital floors hygienically using low sound machines, maintaining high traffic washrooms odour free, cleaning facades at heights without climbing them, undoing deep stains on floors, carpets and linen, and other pressing cleaning methods using professional cleaning equipment & service providers will be at the Show.

Industrial Cleaning

The growing industrial segments in South India – Automobile, Textile, IT, Food processing, Pharma, Cement, Electronics, Healthcare, Hospitality, Leather and other related industries – can look at specific cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Exhibitors will be showcasing industry cleaning solutions using Dry Ice Blasting, Dust Collectors, Dust Extraction, Steam Cleaning, Dry Steam Cleaning, Oil Mist Collection, Ultrasonic Cleaning, High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning, Centralised Vacuum Cleaning, and others.

Recovering material, be it cement spillage or even metal chips, recycling coolant or waste water, maintaining pollutant- or dust-free production area, polishing concrete shopfloor and not stripping it, cleaning oil spillage easily, removing sludge & treating effectively and many more such industry specific solutions will be displayed.

Waste water treatment

Industry experts on water & waste water treatment and recycling will be offering solutions for leather, tannery, dyeing, textile, automobile, paint, pharma, chemical and other such industries.

Linen Care

Apart from clean surroundings and clean work conditions, clean attire contributes to work performance. Linen care solutions for greasy & stained uniform or room linen for guests or food stained F&B linen will be showcased at Clean India Show.

Hygiene Solutions

Meeting hygiene standards in critical segments like operation theatres, clean rooms, food production area, drug manufacturing units or electronics units; effective cleaning agents/soaps for greasy hands; cost effective hygiene solutions for high traffic areas; feminine hygiene alternatives… and related solutions & services can be customised for different industries at the Clean India Show.

Buyer-Seller Meet

In a major initiative to address particular requirements of end users, Clean India Show offers a unique opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with the solution provider. For further information write to editor@virtualinfo.in0


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