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Clean India Mart Exclusive e-Marketplace for the Cleaning Industry

[box type=”shadow” ]e-marketplace in the industrial space is fast becoming a preferred channel in the procurement process, as it provides information about multiple products and multiple suppliers on a single platform. Thus, simplifying the complexities involved in sourcing the right product and right supplier. In keeping with the need of the hour in the cleaning space, Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd has launched Clean India Mart, an exclusive portal of cleaning products and solutions.[/box]

The explosive growth of portals, enabling online buying, in the last few years is still continuing with more and more segments joining the e-platform. Nonetheless, range of cleaning and hygiene products required for different applications in different industries, is too huge to be addressed amid a pool of other industrial products.

In succession to the launch of the digital edition of Clean India Journal few years back, which is one of the most read magazine of the cleaning industry, available online too, Virtual Info Systems has launched Clean India Mart, an exclusive portal for the cleaning industry.

Clean India Mart is an e-marketplace providing a level playing field for all stakeholders right from the top manufacturers and suppliers to the smallest solution providers, and creates a path for exponential business opportunities. When we talk of cleaning, CIM focuses on everything related to cleaning be it for hospitals, hotels, malls, manufacturing industries, IT… and also in terms of Car Care, or Waste Management and Recycling or linen care, in the larger perspective of cleanliness.

CIM is a dedicated portal for cleaning solutions designed by experts who have been associated with the cleaning industry for over a decade. Virtual Info Systems, a known name in the cleaning industry and the publisher of Clean India Journal magazine (Voice of the Indian Cleaning Industry), has the domain knowledge of the subject, and understands the sentiments of the buyers and the suppliers alike.

CIM provides vital information for buyers to compare various products and services in terms of its performance, quality, specifications, etc. Buyers get to scrutinize a range of products for a particular solution at the same time. The sellers, on the other hand, are able to reach the customers more conveniently and affordably. The portal is not just an e-marketplace, it is a friend, guide and partner for both the buyer and seller. In case a buyer needs information or a solution, the friendly website is enabled to readily provide the answers. In case of start-up companies, this is the right place to begin by understanding the products. At the same time, suppliers get to enter new markets, find new buyers and increase sales by generating more value for the buyers.

Taking one more step ahead, CIM has the added advantage of enabling product manufacturers to connect with international manufacturers/suppliers for distributorship/franchise partners. The portal going live is user-friendly, with least navigation and accurate information.

While the foundation has been set, Clean India Mart will have additional features included from time to time. Soon, a section for services and technical solutions will also be included in the portal. This is just the beginning.

Visit :- http://www.cleanindiamart.com/

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