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Clean India Awards: Equipment

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning Machine, CWG India Pvt Ltd

Cleaning varies as per the work, application and environment. The Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning Machine from CWG caught jury’s eye, when it came to facilities such as hot water injection for steam washing applications like automobiles and grease removal in industries, detergent injection for tough to remove stains on surfaces like carpets and upholstery or for areas which require special disinfection chemicals and a plethora of standard and optional accessories, making it extremely versatile machine suitable for most types of cleaning jobs.

Scoring Features
• Multiple flow levels of steam, hot water and detergent injection for various applications, with all the controls on the handle itself.
• Very high maximum temperature of 175°C, enabling it to kill germs and bacteria instantly.
• Highest Pressure to Power ratio with 9bar steam pressure at a power of single phase 3200W, which gives that extra dirt displacement power for heavy duty applications like hard dried stains like those seen on grills and ovens, at the same time, making it highly efficient.
• Robust stainless steel chassis which also improves the hygiene rating and heat dissipation. A machine suitable for food processing industries where hygiene factor is very critical.
• Light weight, highly mobile and compact, taking very less storage space and can be used as a part of mobile car detailing wagons

Anshul Bhatia, Nutech Group informs, “While designing the machine, we faced a paradox of making the machine smaller, lighter, more ergonomic, but at the same time, retaining or improving its efficiency and cleaning experience. We started with reducing the overall body size and leaving just enough space for effective heat dissipation from the boiler. Till now we had seen machines either with hot water or detergent injection, we included both. All the components used in the construction of the machine are of best quality. In short, a lot of research and experience has gone into the design of STEAM HD, and we are proud to launch a product which offers the best heavy duty steam cleaning experience till date.”

Alano 640 Ride-on Industrial Road Sweeping Machine, Alano Motors Pvt Ltd
Answering the increasing labour cost and slow speed involved in manual road sweeping, the multi-functional Alano 640 Ride-on Industrial Road Sweeping Machine equipped with vacuum power assisted brush sweeping dust/pebbles sweeps more than 8000sqm an hour for less than one litre of Petrol – with total operational cost per square meter cost of four paisa as compared to labour cost of 12 paisa per sqm.

Scoring Features:
• Low cost of acquisition, operation & maintenance – Provides ROI within 10 months when optimally used.
• Dust-free sweeping
• Machine useful for roads, open area, large warehouses with concrete, asphalt, bitumen, Trimix, paver blocks & normal surfaces
• Can sweep wide footpaths and common areas due to high ground clearance
• Being a multi-utility machine, this can be deployed for waste management or material handling using trailer to carry 700kg of load
• Can lift and shift materials using a bucket or forklift up to 200kg
• Grading loose materials to form a heap
Exclusively for the Indian work environment and user habits, the product deploys patented and proven indigenised concept based on Blue Ocean strategy. The multi-functional machine is equipped with vacuum power, hydraulics, robust body panels in FRP, balloon type tubeless chevron tyres for higher machine stability and smooth manoeuvrability on any surface, user friendly and simple controls.

Speaking to Clean India Journal, Jaychandra Rao, Head Operations, Alano Motors Pvt Ltd comments, “The primary feature of the machine is that sweeper assembly is out of the main prime-over this increases the life of the machine and needs less maintenance. Clean India Awards is a wonderful move, will help recognise and promote products that are designed and manufactured in India for Indian circumstances. Conditions in India – humidity, work environment, roads and so on are entirely different from the conditions for which imported products are designed.”

B40W-Scrubber Dryer, Karcher Cleaning Systems Ltd
The new generation, eco-friendly B40-Scrubber Drier has been boosted with silent performance, Karcher Intelligent key system, Auto-Fill-in, Fresh water level indicator, Home base system, Maintenance indication, colour coding and so on.
Scoring Features:
• 56% reduced water consumption and 55 % reduced energy consumption; in WHISPER CLEAN mode up to 15 %, in FINE CLEAN mode up to 30%
• Reduced noise level for the operator and the environment
• Significantly enhanced safeguards against operating errors as the operator can’t alter the machine’s parameters – Plug in key, preselect work program using Easy operation switch and start scrubbing.
Reduced service costs due to reduction in operating errors
• Supervisor can adjust machine optimally to different cleaning tasks. The machine can be adjusted to suit the premises without the operator being able to activate wrong settings.
• Clear markings enable easy, fast and intuitive menu navigation.
Sunil Kapoor, National Sales Manager avers, “The machine has already been admired at several platforms, has been awarded by ISSA Interclean. The low energy and water consumption and much reduced noise level, cost effectiveness and reduced operating errors make it ideal machine for Indian conditions.”

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